1:30 LRN Newscast Dec 31

Judge Michelle Odinet, the Lafayette city court judge who was caught on a viral video using a racial slur, has resigned. In her letter to the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court, Odinet says she takes full responsibility for her “hurtful words” and apologizes for any trouble she’s caused..

The Great Holiday Heat Wave of 2021 is almost over. State Climatologist Barry Keim says a significant cold front will begin moving across Louisiana in the afternoon and evening of New Year’s Day. He says some Saturday precipitation could even be somewhat severe in the northern half of the state. He says the cooling continues through the weekend…:

CUT 07 (09)      “…of the state.”

By Monday, you can expect frigid temperatures to the work week.


Amid the recent surge of COVID cases and hospitalizations in Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards implores residents to take proper precautions in an effort to reduce transmission of the virus but fell short of reinstating a mask mandate. He says even though a mask mandate is not in place it doesn’t mean one should ignore their vital use to mitigate COVID…:

CUT 13 (11)      “…wear a mask.”

He says get vaccinated and/or get necessary boosters and stay healthy.

Meanwhile the state Department of Health is urging schools to keep a handle on the spread of the Omicron virus by canceling all extracurricular activities. Sports events, cheerleading, band, music and theater –after school social functions like dances. All of it. Again, it’s a recommendation; NOT a mandate.

Be prepared for temperatures statewide to take a huge nosedive. By Monday morning, northern parishes could see a hard freeze, and the mercury will go into the lower 30’s in the south.