7:30 LRN Newscast

It has been 4 months since Category Four Hurricane Ida impacted Louisiana; bringing destruction to the state’s southeastern coastal parishes. Houma Representative Tanner Magee says Terrebonne Parish still has a large number of residents living in makeshift accommodations…:
Cut 4 (10) “….nort really come yet.”
Magee says Ida damaged a large number of businesses; some of whom have rebuilt, but others still struggling.

As a result of legislation approved in June, the maximum weekly benefit an unemployed individual will receive from the state is increasing by 28-dollars to 275 dollars for people who qualify. Louisiana Workforce Commission spokesperson Chris Fiore says it’s been more than 10 years since the state increased the maximum unemployment benefit…
cut 8 (09) “….their families”
Fiore says individuals filing a claim on or after Sunday will see the increase.

2021 saw its fair share of big stories including a Title Nine scandal that rocked LSU. An independent investigation shined more light on allegations that the school failed to properly investigate sexual misconduct claims against former football players. No one lost their job at LSU, but two high-ranking athletic department employees were suspended. New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson thought that punishment was weak…
cut 12 (07) “…truth again”
The fallout cost former football coach Les Miles’ job at Kansas and former LSU President F King Alexander resigned as president at Oregon State.

COVID was a big story in 2021 and it will be in 2022. Yesterday, the Louisiana Department of Health reported over nine-thousand new cases, which is a single-day record high for the pandemic. COVID hospitalizations have tripled in two weeks.