10:30 LRN Newscast December 29

The state health department reported 43-hundred new COVID cases Tuesday with hospitalizations rising to 514. Chief of Infectious Diseases at LSU Health New Orleans, Doctor Julio Figueroa, says many of the patients are experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms…:
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He says based on data from the state health department, 80-percent of those hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated.

COVID was once again the big story in Louisiana in 2021 and so was the Title Nine scandal that rocked LSU as reports came out that the university failed to handle sexual misconduct complaints properly. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says many state legislators look at LSU differently now…
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Friday night is New Year’s Eve which is a big night for people to light their own fireworks. Jaise Templet sells fireworks in Ascension Parish and says most shoppers tend to wait until December 31st to make purchases for the evening and while the warm weather could help sales, the potential for rain could hamper things also.
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With 2021 coming to a close on Friday, you only have a few more days left to contribute to a charitable cause and get a break on your 2021 tax return, even if you don’t itemize deductions. Salvation Army spokesperson Aimee Murry is asking the public to consider the Salvation Army for their end-of-the-year donation and you can do so at Salvation-ArmyUSA-dot-org…
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