4:30 LRN Newscast Dec 17

The state Supreme Court orders enforced suspension without pay for a Lafayette City Court judge allegedly heard saying racial slurs on a viral video. Judge Michelle Odinet says she had taken a sedative and has no memory of saying any of the things heard. Legal analyst and attorney Franz Borghardt says it’s never good to have a jurist with a perceived biased against a person or community…:

CUT 05(10)      “…Supreme Court to decide.”

An interim judge will hear Judge Odinet’s docket.

Saints head Coach Sean Payton has COVID and will miss Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay. Saints D.C. Dave Allen will take center seat. Allen says he and the coaching staff will roll with the changes…:

CUT 14(05)      “…going to manage the game.”

The Saints are 11-point underdogs. Kickoff is 7:20 Sunday night.


Saturday is the last day to use priority mail so your packages will arrive on time for Christmas. Brooke Thorington has some tips…:

CUT 02(33)      “…Thorington.”

A Kinder man gets two life sentences, after his conviction for killing an Iowa couple in 2020. 37-year-old Scott Kidd will get no parole for murdering 73-year-old Joan O’Brien and 81-year-old Zoren O’Brien.