4:30 LRN Newscast Oct 21

The percentage of unvaccinated individuals in Louisiana hospitals has dropped from the upper 90s to the mid-80s. Brooke Thorington asks a professional as to why the vaccine could be perceived as waning…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Thorington.”

Louisiana is the only state where fewer whites are getting COVID vaccinations than blacks or other non-whites. This offers some hope to public health officials that outreach efforts are indeed working.


Well over a year after Hurricane Laura devastated Lake Charles and the surrounding area, recovery is still a challenge. Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter says his city holds a record of sorts for disasters…:

CUT 06(07)      “…in American history.”

In 2020 alone, Lake Charles was hit by Hurricane Laura, then Delta only weeks later. Federal help has been slow in coming. Hunter says about 8-precent of his city still lives outside the area since the storms and may never return.

New Orleans Police report another shooting on Interstate 10; this one fatal. Officers say a car crash Wednesday night near the Morrison Road exit was caused by a wounded driver suffering multiple gunshots. They believe he was shot from a moving car two exits earlier. The victim died at a nearby hospital. Just days ago, a person was shot and wounded on I-10 near the Superdome.