2:30 LRN Newscast Oct 20

Matthew Mire, the man accused in the multi-parish shooting spree that killed two, including a state trooper has been relocated to Angola state prison as he awaits trial. Legal analyst Franz Borghardt points out that Mire is simply being housed in Angola, not servicing a sentence. While it’s not the norm for a suspect awaiting trial to be held in the state prison, Borghardt says it’s not completely unheard of. He says, from a defense attorney’s perspective, you want your client in a location where they are accessible and feel comfortable…:

CUT 05(09)      “…quote safe.”

Attention Shreveport car collectors, the producers of a movie filming at Caddo Lake are seeking car, trucks and motorcycles made between 1998 and 2004, because that’s the period in which the film is set. The production will pay you $50 a day for use of the vehicle. Send offers to caddocasting@gmail.com.


There’s word that the FDA may soon allow the mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines. Dave Brannen reports that’s good news for a number of reasons…:

CUT 02(31)      “…Brannen.”

A Grand Isle man missing since 1984 and presumed dead has been found … in the bottom of a well in Sabine Parish. Sheriff’s Detective Chris Abrahams says they are trying to determine how a south Louisiana man’s remains were disposed of in northwest Louisiana…:

CUT 13(06)      “…the well.”