06:30 Newscast May 5, 2015

A bill that would use funds from unclaimed gambling winnings to pay for rape victims forensic medical exams clears House appropriations. New Orleans Representative Helena Moreno says under her measure, money from expired winning tickets from casinos and race tracks would go into the crime victim’s reparations fund. Alexandra Stillson is a rape victim…

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The bill passed without opposition and now heads to the House floor.

A bill that allows for the dispensing of medicinal marijuana to patients who suffer from certain medical conditions makes it off the Senate floor. New Iberia Senator Fred Mills says they’ve been working hard on this legislation to keep everyone happy…

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Mills says under the proposed law medicinal marijuana would be grown at only one site in the state and dispensed in 10 places in non-smokeable form.

Two different tax increases proposed by Plaquemine Representative Karen St. Germain to help fund road projects will be heard in the House Ways and Means Committee today. President of Louisiana Good Roads and Transportation Association Ken Perret says any effort to increase funding for Louisiana’s roads and bridges is good…

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HB 777 would raise the state’s gas tax dependent on the price at the pump and HB 778 would increase the state’s sales tax by one percent. Revenue from both bills would pay for road and bridge projects.