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President of Louisiana Trans Advocates Dylan Waguespack says the transgender community is celebrating the defeat of the transgender athlete ban, but is aware that this is a conflict that likely will not be going away. Waguespack says they expect bill author Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell to present the bill again in the next session.

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The override failed by just two votes in the House and Governor Edwards was not shy about all the work that went into making sure that happened.

Edwards was asked about complaints from conservative activists that he unfairly pressured lawmakers into supporting his veto…

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Edwards says he was light on threats but not light on promises.

The Rolling Stones have been added to this year’s already stacked Jazz Fest lineup. Kevin Barnhart has more…

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The state’s 4th surge continues in full swing with Louisiana reporting 2,843 new COVID cases and now 913 COVID-related hospitalizations.