LRN AM Newscall July 1 ###Updated info in bear story###

College athletes can now officially collect compensation for their name, image, and likeness after the NCAA Division One Board of Directors approved an interim NIL policy.  Taylor Sharp has the story.

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Two Louisiana Congressmen were among the delegation of Republicans who visited the US-Mexican border with former President Donald Trump Wednesday. Matt Doyle has more…

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As legislators await a vote to hold a historic override veto session, Governor Edwards defends his reasons for rejecting legislation of two high-profile bills. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Beginning today college athletes can now profit off of their name, image, and likeness and retain eligibility as the Division One Board of Directors approved an interim policy in place. LSU Deputy Director of Athletics and Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Rempe says that athletes seeking compensation must do four things in order to properly market themselves.

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While the universities can’t be directly involved in setting up endorsement deals for athletes, Rempe says LSU still plans on helping the student-athletes.

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Rempe says with NIL in place, college athletics will never be the same as amateurism is no longer a cornerstone…

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Congressmen Mike Johnson and Clay Higgins along with other Republican lawmakers joined former President Donald Trump at the border Wednesday calling for a return to Trump-era border policies.

Johnson says there’s still a crisis at the border that hasn’t ceased since earlier this year. He says President Trump’s appearance was necessary to draw attention to the situation.

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Johnson and the rest of the delegation visited the southeastern quadrant of the border just south of La Joya, Texas.

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Johnson says the trip with President Trump was an effort to force the Biden Administration into going back to Trump-era immigration and border policies like wall construction and the Remain in Mexico.

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Governor Edwards stands firm on why he vetoed two high-profile bills. Legislation banning transgender females from competing in women’s sports passed with veto-proof margins among lawmakers but Edwards says it’s a solution looking for a problem.

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The anti-transgender legislation passed in the Senate on a 29-6 vote and in the House with a 78-17 vote.

Edwards says such legislation also puts the state at financial risk with the potential loss of sporting events like the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament scheduled for New Orleans next year.

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Edwards also vetoed legislation removing the requirement to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun in Louisiana. The governor, who is a second amendment rights supporter, says removing the requirement to undergo training and hold a permit puts the public and law enforcement at risk and such requirements are a fair trade-off.

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Conceal carry legislation passed in the Senate on a 27-10 vote and in the House 73-28.


The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries humanly euthanized a well-known bear Tuesday after he was found with two broken legs and paralyzed due to a spinal injury. Large Carnivore Program manager for LDWF Maria Davidson says Bruno the Bear was put down in Morehouse Parish.

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Bruno was the adult male black bear that garnered notoriety last year when he wandered through several Midwestern states and was captured in Missouri. Bruno was then relocated to Arkansas.

Davidson says they don’t know exactly how he was injured, but usually, when someone hits a bear with their vehicle LDWF is contacted immediately.

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A homeowner in Morehouse Parish said Bruno appeared on their property and wouldn’t leave. Upon inspection, Davidson says biologists found the bear was in distress with catastrophic injuries and wouldn’t be unable to survive in the wild.

Davidson says because of the fragmentation of bear habitats we have in Louisiana it’s common for a large number of bears to live successfully near humans.

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Davidson says to deter bears from your property never feed them, secure garbage, and do not leave pet food outdoors.


The Saints have made All-Pro Ryan Ramczyk the NFL’s highest-paid right tackle. Ramczyk who was entering the final year of his rookie contract has agreed to a five-year, 96-million dollar deal that includes 60-million dollars in guaranteed money. Not bad for the former first-round pick who quit playing football for a year after high school

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The 27-year-old also recently had a baby boy so it’s been a great few months for Ramczyk

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Ramczyk has allowed just three sacks in the last two years. The three-time All-pro selection on being named the highest-paid right tackle in NFL history…

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