10:30 LRN Newscast May 28

A House committee rejects an effort to provide a path to parole or retrial for the 1,500 Louisiana inmates who were convicted on non-unanimous verdicts before the practice was deemed racist and unconstitutional. Matt Doyle has the story.

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A human skull found March 2018 along Highway 27 in Cameron Parish has been positively identified as a Texas woman who went missing in December of 2017. The Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office says investigators used dental records to identify 58-year old Sally Ann Hines of San Antonio.

A bill prohibiting trans athletes from participating in K-12 and college girl’s and women’s sports passes in the House 77-17. Jefferson Representative Laurie Schlegel says the bill seeks to protect biological females and ensure a fair competitive environment. Opponents are concerned the bill would cause unintended economic consequences. New Orleans Representative Royce DuPlessis says businesses might be less likely to invest in Louisiana if this makes it into law…

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Schlegel says this won’t be an issue since states who have already passed similar legislation are hosting sponsored sporting events…

Cut 12 (07) “…Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee.”

That bill is expected to be vetoed by the Governor.