6:30 A.M. LRN News 05/28/21

Legislation that would have provided a pathway to parole or retrial for the 1,500 Louisiana inmates with settled cases who were convicted non-unanimously is defeated in a House committee.
New Orleans Representative Jason Hughes says Louisiana voters already deemed non-unanimous verdicts unconstitutional going forward, and that decision should be retroactive…
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Some 200 protestors marched at the State Capitol Thursday demanding justice in the death of Ronald Greene, the black man who died during a 2019 traffic arrest in Union Parish by state troopers. Civil rights activists along with members of Greene’s family are calling on swift action to be taken for those responsible for his death. Eugene Collins with the NAACP…
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Attorneys for the Greene family say they were initially told he died from injuries in a car crash after Greene led officers on a chase that ended in Union Parish.

The House passes a bill banning K-12 and college trans athletes from participating in sports designated for biological females. Erik Piccoli has the story.