530 PM LRN News/Legislative Report

A bill allowing college student-athletes to get paid endorsements and otherwise profit off of their name, image, and likeness is one step away from hitting the Governor’s desk after getting unanimous approval in a House committee. Marrero Senator Patrick Connick says we won’t be the first, or last state to go down this path…

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A bill prohibiting trans athletes from participating in K-12 and college girls’ and womens’ sports is headed to the Governor’s desk where he’s expected to veto it. Jefferson Representative Laurie Schlegel says the bill seeks to protect biological females…

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Opponents say the bill is discriminatory and will drive away businesses with more progressive values and jeopardize New Orleans’ ability to host major sporting events.

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder formally removes Chalmette Representative Ray Garofalo as House Education Chairman, ending a month-long controversy starting with Garofalo’s comments about slavery.

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The Legislature also approved legislation that would allow medical marijuana to be sold and consumed in its “raw, smokeable” form a police reform bill that deals with body camera usage and limits on no-know warrant usage, and the  House passes a bill mandating the national anthem be played before sporting events at state-funded facilities.