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A hearing on Legislation that would allow college student athletes to do paid endorsements, gets delayed a week due to an unrelated controversy in House Education.

The controversy involves embattled House Ed Chairman Ray Garofalo, whose comments about slavery late last month led to calls from the Black Caucus for his removal. Garofalo says he didn’t know if he was still Chairman or not so this morning he spoke with Speaker Clay Schexnayder who assured him he hadn’t been removed. Garofalo says after being told he was still chairman he informed the Speaker he would be chairing today’s meeting, and that’s when Schexnayder said no you’re not.

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Garofalo then showed up at the meeting to find only one other member in attendance for its scheduled start, and the meeting was called off…

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A House committee blocks an effort to prohibit state facilities from denying entry to individuals who are not vaccinated on a narrow 7-6 vote. Monroe Senator Stewart Cathey says his bill was an effort to protect individuals who have decided not to get vaccinated.

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While this bill was killed, a similar bill by Gonzales Representative Kathy Edmonston has already passed the House and awaits a Senate hearing.

The House approves policing reform legislation by Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields that covers a lot of bases from no-knock warrants to body camera usage. Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says his organization EPU ran a 1,200 person survey showing there’s widespread support for policing reform in the post-George Floyd era…

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Fields bill heads back to the Senate.