7:30 LRN Newscast May 25

The first of two funeral services will be held today for former Governor Buddy Roemer. Brooke Thorington talks with a political analyst about the former governor and four-term congressman.
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The Senate Finance committee has approved its version of a 37-billion dollar spending plan for the state next year. It contains 800-dollar pay raises for teachers, despite talk of giving educators a one-thousand-dollar raise. College faculty, prison guards, and juvenile justice workers are also set to get raises.

The Louisiana Senate will soon hear legislation that would allow advanced nurse practitioners to practice without a doctor’s supervision. Supporters say the legislation will increase access to healthcare, which will improve healthcare outcomes, but Doctor Lisa Cary with Physicians for Patient Protection opposes the legislation…
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The House approved the legislation on a 61-41 vote.

The state is reporting 271 COVID patients in the hospital, which matches the lowest total since Louisiana began keeping track. The state also reported the first two cases of a COVID variant dominant in India in Caddo Parish last week. State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says the two individuals did not travel out of the country so it’s likely there are more cases in the state.
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