7:30 LRN Newscast May 3

The legislative effort to bring a riverboat casino to Slidell is scheduled for a key vote today. Taylor Sharp has the story.
Cut 1 (32) “…I’m Taylor Sharp.”

The United Cajun Navy has suspended its search efforts for the seven remaining missing Seacor crewmen. In a Facebook Post, the volunteer group says it has been a long and exhausting search effort and they did their part to assist. The NTSB is investigating the capsizing of the Secor Power and an initial report is expected later this month.

The FDA’s decision to ban menthol cigarettes has garnered praise among public health advocates. Associate Director for Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living Shawna Shields says its a huge step in ending the marketing of highly addictive cigarette additives towards the Black community.
Cut 13 (08) “…Big Tobacco.”
Shields says tobacco companies tend to place more cigarette and cigar retailers in heavily populated Black communities.

The UNO Survey Research Center finds that 46-percent of the respondents support the idea of requiring college students to be vaccinated when they return to school next fall and 46-percent say it should not be a requirement. UNO’s S-R-C Director Doctor Ed Chervenak says nearly 60-percent of blacks believe college students should be required to get the COVID vaccine…
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