8:30 LRN Newscast May 1

The Louisiana Health Department has confirmed two cases of the Brazilian COVID-19 variant in Louisiana.

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Lake Charles Police say it was 44-year old Kyner Gene Rollins of California who was responsible for shutting down the interstate for four hours Wednesday. Rollins was found dead in a hotel room at the Oasis Inn when a SWAT team was unable to make contact with the suspect. Police originally responded to shots being fired towards the I-10 around 5 am.

Governor John Bel Edwards has provided his input on how one-point-six billion dollars in federal coronavirus aid should be spent.  Edwards says 400-million dollars should go towards refilling the unemployment trust fund, which is bankrupt, and the only other way to re-fill it is by taxing businesses.

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All of this money comes from the American Rescue Plan approved by Congress earlier this year. The state legislature must approve Governor Edwards’ plan.

The State Fair is underway in Shreveport and having the event in the spring is a first for the Bayou State staple. State Fair President Chris Giordano says due to COVID they postponed last year’s fall event and instead of canceling the 114th edition, they opted for both a spring and fall fair this year. So far feedback is positive.

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The fair runs through May 9th.