2:30 LRN Newscast April 13

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder’s proposal to centralize Louisiana’s sales tax collection system gets positive reviews from a House committee. The new sales tax collection proposal will need two-thirds support in both the House and Senate and Schexnayder says a constitutional amendment to streamline Louisiana’s sales tax system could appear before the voters in the fall.

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Governor John Bel Edwards tells the legislature whatever bill they pass to increase the minimum wage he’ll sign it into law. The 7.25 an hour minimum wage hasn’t seen a hike since 2008 and Edwards says there’s tons of polling to suggest that raising it in Louisiana is a very popular idea.

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The state health department is following a directive from the CDC and FDA in by stopping the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Tulane School of Medicine Professor Doctor Lisa Morici says it’s very rare to have a blood clot from the vaccine and the clot could be a result of something else for example smoking and not the vaccine, so it’s important the six cases be thoroughly investigated.

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The City of New Orleans will be the backdrop for the first movie production to leave the state of Georgia amid protest of the state’s new voting laws. Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s spokesperson, Beau Tidwell, says the Will Smith feature, Emancipation, is moving to Louisiana.

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