10:30 LRN Newscast April 13

The Louisiana Department of Health following the guidance of the CDC and FDA is halting the use of the Johnson and Johnson one dose COVID vaccine. The CDC and FDA are investigating a possible connection of blood clots and the vaccine. Six women reportedly had blood clots six to thirteen days after the injection and a reduction in platelet count.

Louisiana has seen literacy rates amongst elementary and middle-grade students decline for several years in a row now. Matt Doyle spoke with Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley about how to fix this…

Cut 1 (30) “…I’m Matt Doyle.”

The session will run for the next two months and there are a lot of different items on the agenda, including legislation that would bar transgender individuals from participating in girls’ or women’s sports. Political analyst Clancy Dubos says the NCAA is threatening to pull events like the Final Four, which New Orleans is set to host next year, if this bill passes…

Cut 15 (07)“…transgendered student”

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says a rehabbed brown pelican that was found covered in oil near Queen Bess Island in 2010, and then released in Georgia, has found its way back to the Bayou State. LDWF Biologist Casey Wright says the pelican known as 33Z remains tagged on his right leg and while it’s not known exactly when he returned from Georgia,Wright says it’s not a complete shock that’s he found his way back.

Cut 8 (07) “…banding.”