9:30 LRN Newscast April 12

Governor Edwards will kick off the 2021 Legislative session at 6PM with a speech at Southern University’s Mumford Stadium. Edwards will push for legislation to close the state’s gender pay gap, which he says remains among the worst in the country, and to end discriminatory practices in setting auto insurance rates.

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A bill is filed that would result in automatic termination of any post-secondary employee who fails to properly report incidents of “power-based violence” to the campus Title Nine coordinator. STAR legal director Morgan Lamandre says under this law if you receive knowledge that someone has committed an act of power-based violence, you must report it.

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Current policy often only requires Title Nine reporting if employees are informed of a victim who is involved with the school.

There’s a number of hot-button issues up for debate in this year’s legislative session but a political analyst doesn’t expect many of them to get far. Matt Doyle has more…

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LSU says it does not suspect foul play in the disappearance of Kori Gauthier. The freshman from Opelousas has been missing since Wednesday. Her abandoned car was discovered early Wednesday on the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge. So far, a search of the nearby levees has yet to locate her.