5:30 LRN Newscast April 9

House Democrats release their Come Back Stronger Louisiana agenda for the upcoming legislative session. House Democratic Caucus Chair Representative Sam Jenkins says assisting those who’ve lost employment in the pandemic is a priority.

Cut 9 (08) “…of work.”

Prison reform advocates back an amendment ending the “slavery exception” that allows inmates to be forced to perform labor for just pennies an hour.  Executive Director of Decarcerate Louisiana Curtis Davis, who spent 25 years at Angola, after being wrongly accused of second-degree murder, says if you refuse to work guards can use force against you.

Cut 13 (07)“…those guns”

If passed a constitutional amendment could be added to the fall 2022 ballot.

The session begins on Monday.

The number of new UK variant cases in Louisiana is rising. Now up to 13.4 percent of all new COVID cases reported in the state are believed to be that more deadly and contagious variant. But our percent of variant cases is much better than the rest of the county. The nationwide average is 27.2 percent, Florida is at 34.5 percent, Texas is at 25.2 percent. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says these numbers do lag a few weeks behind but gives us a good idea of where we are…

Cut 8 (11) “…reduced”

With UK variant cases rising Senator John Kennedy asks all residents to go get a vaccine. He says he’s not much of a singer but he is proudly vaccinated, because the vaccine works…

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