8:30 LRN News 04/09/2021

A COVID vaccine hotline is now online in Louisiana offering residents a one-stop-shop for appointment booking. Matt Doyle has more.
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LSU Board of Supervisors member Lee Mallett is calling for the university to cut ties with legal counsel Taylor Porter.
Amid the scandal Mallet feels the current board is being wrongly accused. He says they had no knowledge, but they are committed to correct the ongoing culture at LSU.
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Governor Edwards reiterated his support for LSU’s decision not to fire anyone in the wake of the Husch Blackwell report detailing widespread mishandling of sexual misconduct cases.
A growing chorus is calling for Athletic Administrator Verge Ausburry to be fired for his mishandling of those cases, but Edwards says the failure was systemic, not individual…
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The 2021 Louisiana Survey asks residents about the extent of racial discrimination in six different situations like at work; applying for loans; voting; medical treatment and dealing with the police. Policy Lab Research Director Mike Henderson says overall 55-percent of white Louisianans feel Blacks are treated equally.
However, when Black Louisianans were asked the same questions, Henderson says a very large majority of respondents feel they are treated less fairly than whites.
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