7:30 LRN News 04/09/2021

The longest-serving member of the LSU Board of Supervisors is calling on the school to drop the school’s law firm of Taylor Porter amid the ongoing scandal. Brooke Thorington has more
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The state launches a vaccine hotline that can help schedule COVID vaccine appointments for residents at nearby providers.
The hotline can connect residents with health care experts who can tell you more about how the vaccines are made, what makes them safe, and what makes them highly effective. State health officer Dr. Joe Kanter says we’ve approached the point where those who want to get vaccinated can do so easily and without much of a wait, which is why making getting an appointment easy is so important.
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Governor Edwards reiterated his support for LSU’s decision not to fire anyone in the wake of the Husch Blackwell report detailing widespread mishandling of sexual misconduct cases.
Edwards says it’s clear that a number of former LSU employees should’ve been fired back in 2013, 14 and 15, but those employees aren’t at LSU anymore…
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The 2021 Louisiana Survey asks residents about the extent of racial discrimination in six different situations like at work; applying for loans; voting; medical treatment and dealing with the police. Policy Lab Research Director Mike Henderson says overall 55-percent of white Louisianans feel Blacks are treated equally.
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