11:30 LRN Newscast April 1st

Jury trials can resume today in the state of Louisiana. The pandemic placed jury trials on hold, creating a backlog of cases.  Loyola University Law Professor Dane Ciolino says without firm trial dates most civil cases do not settle and criminal trials cannot be resolved unless the defendant pleads guilty.

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Ciolino says it’s going to take at least a year to get through the backlog of cases.

Louisianans have until October 1st to get their Real ID state identification or driver’s license cards or they won’t be able to fly without a passport. Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles spokesperson Matthew Boudreaux says he doesn’t expect the deadline to be delayed again, and this isn’t something you can do online.

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And some locations will require you to make an appointment.

A new JMC Analytics poll for the Louisiana Association for Therapeutic Alternatives found that about two-thirds of the respondents favor the legalization of marijuana. New Orleans Representative Candace Newell has filed a bill that would decriminalize marijuana possession and she expects opposition from local governments…

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The debate will begin after April 12th. That’s the date when the legislative session begins.

Louisiana will receive less than five percent of the $255 million in CARES Act Fisheries Funding, despite being one of the top fishing states in the nation. Republican Congressman Garret Graves says it’s an insult, so to receive additional funds he’s working with other programs where the state has received appropriate funding in the past.

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Louisiana will receive $12.4 million in CARES Act Fisheries Funding.