A family was denied a burial plot at an Allen Parish graveyard over a whites-only restriction in the contract. Matt Doyle has the story.

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LSU Health Shreveport is holding another round of drive-thru vaccinations for Louisianans 70 and older. Brooke Thorington explains

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There are two common myths being cited by anti-COVID vaxxers, and State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter is hoping to put those myths to bed. Matt Doyle has more…

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An Allen Parish cemetery has changed a restriction in its contracts that only allowed whites to be buried at the site after a family was denied a plot.

The family of an Allen Parish Deputy sought to have their loved one buried at Oaklin Springs Cemetery but were rejected by an employee who cited the limitation. Oaklin Cemetery Association President Creig Vizena…

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The family says the employee, reportedly the 81-year-old aunt of Vizena, was rude and used racial language. Vizena told KPLC they have been relieved of their duties.

Vizena says he and the Board were unaware the language was in the contract, and after calling the courthouse discovered it was inserted in the 1950s.

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Vizena says he apologized to the family and offered to give them one of his personal plots, but they told him they no longer felt comfortable resting their loved one at Oaklin.

Vizena says he hopes no family ever has to go through something like this again and has a request for all other graveyards, churches, and other final resting places…

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The old contract read that it assigns the right of burial of the remains of white human beings. Vizena says the contract was rewritten to exclude the word white.


LSU Health Shreveport is holding another round of drive-thru COVID vaccinations. Louisiana residents 70 and older can be vaccinated Monday through Wednesday at the State Fairgrounds in Shreveport to receive their first shot. School Chancellor Dr. G.E. Ghali explains the process.

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Tuesday through Thursday the drive-thru is open for participants who received their first dose in mid-January at the Fairgrounds. Dr. Ghali says once vaccinated with the first dose you’re guaranteed a second.

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Vaccinations are open to Louisiana residents age 70 and older. Dr. Ghali says some have driven hours to be inoculated.

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Preregistration is requested but not required you can visit The event will take place Monday through Wednesday for first doses and Tuesday through Thursday for second doses, 8:00 am until 3:30 pm.


State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter is hoping to bust some common COVID vaccine myths.

One concern Kanter says he hears all too often is that the mRNA technology behind the vaccine is new and untested. He says that is not true.

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Another falsehood Kanter says needs to go away is the rumor that the COVID vaccine itself can give you COVID.

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Kanter says a few stories have popped up about people getting COVID a day or two after being vaccinated. He says that’s not the vaccine giving you COVID, that’s the vaccine not having enough time to develop immunity in you, and you catching COVID from another source.

Finally, Kanter says he’s heard many people raise concerns over the vaccine’s impact on fertility. He says women of childbearing age should absolutely get the shot.

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Ochsner Health System reported fertility concerns as one of the reasons why only half of their staff had been vaccinated.


Super Bowl week has arrived as Tampa Bay is hosting this year’s big game. In 2025 New Orleans will host a record-tying 11th Super Bowl. Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation CEO Jay Cicero says the planning is well underway because the NFL asks a lot from a hosting city

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Cicero says his eleven-member staff is putting together plans to raise about 20-million dollars over the next four years to help pull off the massive event…

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Cicero says hosting a Super Bowl is so big it requires four years of preparation for a week that will bring thousands of visitors to the city…

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New Orleans was originally awarded the 2024 Super Bowl, but with the NFL likely moving to a 17-game regular-season schedule, the city was given the 2025 Super Bowl instead so the game doesn’t go head to head with Mardi Gras in 2024.


The LSU men’s basketball team suffered a crushing loss on Saturday in the Maravich Assembly Center. Texas Tech scored the final 12 points of the game in the final minute to beat the Tigers 76-71. Coach Will Wade says it was a game his team deserved to win….

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LSU was led by Javonte Smart who had tied a career-high 29 points. But Terrence Shannon came off the bench to score 23 points to lead the Red Raiders. Shannon had a critical steal and score on an inbound pass to give Texas Tech a one point lead with 23 seconds left. Wade says Texas Tech credit showed why they are a top ten team in the country….

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Louisiana Tech played some good defense down the stretch on Saturday and grinded out a 65-62 win over Southern Miss to improve to 14-and-5 overall, seven and three in Conference USAA. Amorie Archibald hit two big late free throws and finished with a team high 15 points…

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This Friday La Tech will be back on the road to face North Texas. The Mean Green and UAB are tied for first place in the West Division for first place. Bulldogs Coach Eric Konkol says North Texas will be another tough challenge…

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