AM Newscall August 7, 2014

As summer winds down and we look toward the fall, it looks like another banner year for the film industry in Louisiana. Eric Gill has the story…

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The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in west Africa now stands at 932, according to the World Health Organizations.  Should people in Louisiana be concerned?  Eric Gill has more…

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As most kids head back to the classroom this week State Police is reminding motorists that cell phones are now banned, by law, in a school zone. Scott Carwile has that…:

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A new 14-million dollar laboratory for animal and food science research is open for business on the LSU Baton Rouge campus. LSU Ag Center Associate Vice Chancellor Phil Elzer says the state-of-the-art research and teaching facility has spacious labs and three-million dollars in new equipment…

Cut 4  (08)  “United States”

Elzer says the renovated animal and food science laboratory will help LSU attract more students and faculty who want to perform cutting edge research…

Cut 5  (11) “international grants”

State funding helped revitalized the two-story, 49-thousand square foot building. Construction began in early 2012. He says the facility is unique because it brings veterinary, animal and food sciences all under one roof…

Cut 6 (13)  “Taste testing”


The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa now stands at 932, according to the World Health Organizations.  Medical Director for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Dr. Frank Welch says there is no real threat of an outbreak in Louisiana, but residents should educate themselves on the seriousness of this Ebola outbreak…

CUT 7 (15)   “1700 cases”

He says there are no cases of Ebola transmitted in the United States.  Two American aid workers have the virus, but were infected in Africa.  He says, as a precaution, all hospitals in Louisiana have been alerted about the signs and symptoms of Ebola and how to do a screening…

CUT 8 (10)   “level of alert”

Welch says the Ebola virus is spread by very close personal contact with an infected person through their bodily fluids.  He says that’s why many cases now are health care workers caring for patients with Ebola.  Welch says you cannot contract Ebola very easily like, for example, the flu…

CUT 9 (07)  “of getting that”


As summer winds down and we look toward the fall, it looks like another banner year for the film industry in Louisiana. Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2, Terminator 5, and a new Fantastic Four movie were all filmed here this year. Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment, Chris Stelly, says there are more movie productions scheduled for the Bayou State…

cut 10 (13) “The Runner”

Stelly says we’re currently in a standard industry lull following a busy spring and summer. He says things are certainly coming in for the last few months of the year. Stelly says a couple of major television shows are in production in Louisiana, too…

cut 11 (12)  “the winter” 

Stelly says the number of projects filmed in Louisiana have steadily increased over the past few years. He says the future of the film industry in Louisiana looks bright…

cut 12 (07) “of strengthening”


As most kids head back to the classroom this week State Police is reminding motorists that cell phones are now banned, by law, in a school zone. Trooper Jared Sandifer says using your hand held cell phone at all in a school zone is now illegal…:

Cut 13 (10)  “too and from school”

Sandifer says the law prohibits the use of any wireless device for engaging in a voice call, accessing, reading or posting to a social media site and/or writing, sending or reading a text message. He says cops will be out enforcing this law…:

Cut 14 (11)  “for that”

Sandifer says a first violation of the cell phone school zone ban is a $175 fine and subsequent violations can be up to $500. He says when you’re having any type of interaction on your phone you may think that you’re focused on the road but you’re not…:

Cut 15  (07)   “task of driving”

PM Newscall August 6th 2014

The Morgan City Police Department is looking for other people who may be involved in neglecting a 54-year-old disabled woman. Michelle Southern has that…:

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There’s more legal action today in the dispute over Common Core. Jeff Palermo has more…

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The Morgan City Police Department says more arrests could be coming in the cruelty to the infirm case which put a 22-year-old woman behind bars this week. Assistant Chief Mark Griffin says detectives began the investigation in January when they got a complaint from a family member regarding people living with a 54-year-old disabled woman…:

CUT 3 (08) “and dehydrated”

Griffin says they identified one suspect, Bethany Daigle, who is also accused of using the victim’s debit card…:

CUT 4 (11) “dehydrated conditions”

Griffin says they believe Daigle and the victim were roommates and there were other people living in the home they are currently trying to locate. He says Daigle is charged with cruelty to the infirm, exploitation of the infirm and felony unauthorized use of an access card. Griffin says the suspect and victim were not related…:

CUT 5 (06) “possibly pending”


Governor Jindal wants a judge to rule Louisiana’s public schools can NOT use testing material tied to the Common Core education standards. Attorney Jimmy Faircloth filed the petition in state court today on behalf Jindal. Faircloth says the governor’s argument is the Common Core test is an illegal attempt to federalize education in the state..

CUT 6 (11) “federal program”

At one time Jindal was a supporter of Common Core, but now describes the controversial education standards as an attempt by the federal government to interfere with local education. Faircloth says the Constitution prohibits such interference…

CUT 7 (09) “10th amendment”

Faircloth’s argument is that standardized testing associated with Common Core allows the federal government to decide what is taught in Louisiana public schools and that violates the law…

CUT 8 (09) “curriculum”

(This issue also has a lawsuit from the other side, filed by parents and teachers who say Jindal violated the constitution when his administration suspended the testing contract tied to Common Core.)


A recent poll asking consumers how they feel about their cell phones shows that most people are tired of gimmicks, but want improvements to things like batteries and GPS. We asked these Louisianans what improvements they’d like to see on their phone…:

CUT 9 (10) “faster”

Poll respondents named “ease of use” as their number one concern with 29% of the vote. Coming in next was better reception, the battery life followed by apps. Just 3% of people said they cared about quirky, unique features such as Samsung’s eyeball-tracking technology. These Louisianans are keeping it simple with their preferred upgrades…:

CUT 10 (11) “money making app”

The survey found that a phone with a better battery life would be purchase by 89% of those polled. A waterproof body and zoom camera lens were also among improvements consumers would like to see to their phones. We asked these Louisianans what improvements they’d like to see…:

CUT 11 (11) “all that well


The Cameron Parish Sheriff’s office says after an overnight search, an inmate who escaped from the jail there last night is back in custody. Sheriff Ron Johnson says 45-year-old James Lacombe went missing around 9:30pm last night…:

CUT 12 (13) “in the wall”

Johnson says Lacombe overpowered a guard and slipped through a door then kicked in a weak spot in the wall to escape. He says the man did not act alone in this…:

CUT 13 (11) “this morning”

Johnson says Lacombe had a long criminal history including armed robbery, carnal knowledge of a juvenile and had even been convicted on some violent crimes so they are glad this man is back behind bars. He says they believe human error led to the escape…:

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AM Newscall August 5, 2014

An invasive species is threatening one of Louisiana’s most popular trees. Matthew Doyle has more…

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The Louisiana Department of Education has released the “High School Student Planning Guidebook: A Path to Prosperity for Every Student”. Eric Gill reports…

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A new poll shows incumbent Vance McAllister in a very competitive race for the 5th congressional district seat. Jeff Palermo has more.

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Crape myrtles in Louisiana are under attack from a new invasive species. Crape myrtle barkscales, the invasive bug, are infesting trees across north Louisiana, and feeding off of the popular summer flowering tree. LSU AgCenter horticulturist Allen Owings says the bug first arrived from overseas…

Cut 4  (10)  “Metroplex Of Dallas”

The resilient bug has spread from Texas into several neighboring states, and the barkscales seem to be resistant to less comprehensive methods of removal. Owings says they even appear to be more resistant to weather…

Cut 5  (06) “Winter This Year”

The bugs don’t pose an imminent threat to the life of the trees, but given time, could severely weaken their flowering output and vibrancy. Owings says gardeners should look for the signs of a barkscale infection…

Cut 6 (14)  “The Summer Months”


Top officials with Cleco are expected to appear today at the Public Service Commission meeting to answer questions regarding a possible sale of the utility company. Commissioner Eric Skrmetta says if Cleco is considering a sale, he just wants to be sure of two things…:

CUT 7 (09)   “of Cleco”

Skrmetta says if a company wants to come and invest in a company in Louisiana that’s not a problem, but the PSC needs to make sure rate payers and employees are not affected. He says they’ve heard there are several parties interested in acquiring the company…:

CUT 8 (10)   “before approving”

Skrmetta says Cleco is a public utility and they can do whatever they want, but whatever it is has to be approved by the PSC. He says they believe there are some companies that want to purchase the utility because they are a valuable asset…:

CUT 9 (12)  “want to purchase”


The Louisiana Department of Education has released the “High School Student Planning Guidebook: A Path to Prosperity for Every Student”. It’s a comprehensive guide for parents and school personnel, detailing pathways to opportunities for students after high school. Assistant Superintendent for the Office of Content, Ken Bradford, says the guide is divided into five chapters…

cut 10 (08) “three years”

In the past three years, college opportunities have expanded for students in Louisiana, as well as opportunities to achieve meaningful career credentials through the Jump Start initiative and the related Course Choice program. Bradford says the guide will be helpful whether a student wants to go to a four-year university or community college…

cut 11 (07)  “in the guide”

The comprehensive guide details policies and programs of “Louisiana Believes”, including the Jump Start TOPS Tech Career Diploma and the TOPS University Pathway, as well as related funding and accountability changes. Bradford says the guide references their statewide Counselor Assistance Center which is staffed with certified professional school counselors…(The guide can be found at

cut 12 (07) “their questions”


According to a new poll, US Representative Vance McAllister’s challengers are within single digits in the race for the 5th congressional seat. The survey, conducted by the Glascock group out of Pineville, shows McAllister at 27 percent, with democrat and Monroe Mayor Jaime Mayo at 21 percent and Republican Ralph Abraham at 18 percent. ULM political science professor Joshua Stockley says the race is wide open…

Cut 13 (09)  “Striking Distance”

Mayo is the only announced democrat in this race. But Stockley says the poll shows Mayo has some work to do to make the runoff…

Cut 14 (08)  “Congressional Candidate”

Incumbency has historically been favorable to candidates, but recent scandals, and a lack of support from fellow republicans has weakened McAllister’s standing. Stockley says he’ll have to overcome a number of issues…

Cut 15  (13)   “Always Vulnerable”


Saints training camp continues in West Virginia and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan likes what the defense has accomplished so far. Ryan admits the run defense did not perform well in Saturday’s scrimmage. He says since then, they have put some good practices behind them…

Cut 16  (10)   “and we will”

Ryan is impressed with what he’s seen out of cornerback Keenan Lewis. He thinks that Lewis is a on the cusp of being an annual Pro-Bowl player. In fact, Ryan thinks Lewis should have made the Pro-Bowl last year…

Cut 17  (13)   “knows that”

As the team heads into Friday’s first preseason game at St. Louis, Ryan wants to see continued improvement in his defense. He says they have a lot to work on, but the coaching staff needs to make sure the Saints “D” plays up to its potential…

Cut 18 (12)  “ever been around”

PM Newscall August 5th, 2014

US Senator Mary Landrieu agrees to four televised debates against her republican opponents before the November fourth election. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


Saints owner Tom Benson was taken to a hospital in West Virginia during practice today. Michelle Southern has that…:

CUT 2 (27) “reporting”


The Plaquemine Parish Sheriff’s office says they are investigating an industrial incident in which two men got trapped into some equipment which caused extensive damage to their legs. Spokesman Commander Eric Becnel says deputies responded to the scene of the accident at Daybrook Fisheries around 6pm Monday…:

CUT 3 (08) “raw take”

Becnel says the two men got stuck in equipment during maintenance work and had to be extricated by the fire department which took about 30 minutes for the first man and about three hours for the second man. He says the first individual sustained severe injuries to one of his legs and was taken to a local hospital…:

CUT 4 (11) “lower extremities”

The victims have been identified as 28-year-old Manuel Hernandez of Harvey and 30-year-old Raymond Carrasquillo of Terrytown. They remain hospitalized in stable condition. The accident remains under investigation. Becnel says each men had severe mangling to their legs as the drum they were trapped in was similar to a huge washing machine with blades…:

CUT 5 (06) “that equipment”


Democratic incumbent senator Mary Landrieu agrees to participate in four televised debates before the November fourth election. The first one will be in New Orleans on October 2nd. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says debates are a great way to educate the voter, but they have little impact on the election

CUT 6 (08) “watch the debate”

No word if republican challenger Bill Cassidy will participate, while tea party candidate Rob Maness says he’ll be at the first three for sure.  Cross says debates usually don’t help a candidate, but they can sometimes have negative consequences

CUT 7 (08) “hurt themselves”

Cross says challengers usually like multiple debates, so they can build their name recognition. He anticipates Cassidy will agree to participate in these forums and expects him to do well against Landrieu

CUT 8 (11) “that regard”


Flying Tiger Aviation, a flight school based in northeast Louisiana, has announced a massive expansion that will create a contemporary flight training center for for aerial applications in agriculture and other industries. Owner Mo Rolfs says their school has grown so much they needed to expand and there is already a training facility at the Bastrop airport…:

CUT 9 (07) “initiate the program”

Rolfs says at the Bastrop airport, the company will construct 20,000 square feet of hanger space and a 150,000 square foot expansion of the tarmac. He says the project will create 21 new direct jobs and retain 14 existing jobs…:

CUT 10 (09) “and aerial application”

The Louisiana Economic Development Department says Flying Tiger Aviation is a leader in agricultural aviation training with 90 percent of its students coming from other states and even international locations. Rolfs says they offer many different types of training…:

CUT 11 (09) “instrument qualifications


Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden criticizes Governor Jindal’s trip to the US-Mexico border. Holden made the comments as a guest on the Jim Engster Show on WRKF. He doesn’t understand why the governor would visit an area thousands of miles away, when Louisiana has its own problems

CUT 12 (10) “Texas border”

Jindal, along with State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson and House Speaker Charles Kleckley also went to the US-Mexico border yesterday. Afterwards the governor blamed the Obama administration for not doing more to keep illegal immigrants out of the US. Holden, who plans on running for Lieutenant Governor, says Jindal should worry about Louisiana’s issues…

CUT 13 (11) “about Mexico”

Holden says he would rather see Governor Jindal do something about the crime problems in Louisiana, rather than what’s happening along the US-Mexico border…

cut 14 (05) “exception of him”




AM Newscall August 5, 2014

The American Automobile Association says the gas price is dropping fast as the current statewide average is now $3.30 and it’s been falling about a penny everyday for the past couple of weeks. Matthew Doyle has that.

CUT 1 (35) “reporting”


Studies on eating habits in America consistently show Louisiana to be among the most obese states in the nation.  The Dare To Be Healthy initiative is working to change that.  Eric Gill has more…

Cut 2 Audio (34) “reporting”


Drivers across the state are now seeing gas prices around $3.30 for a gallon of regular. That’s a good deal lower from where they were last month, and have been dropping at a steady rate of about one cent a day over the last week or so. American Automobile Association fuel analyst Don Redman expects that will continue this month…

Cut 3 Audio   (14) “last year as well”

International political instability historically has a direct correlation to the prices Louisiana customers pay at the pump. Redman says two things in particular kept prices high over the summer…

Cut 4  (12)  “falling apart of Iraq”

Prices tend to trend up near the end of summer, but Redman says this year, that’s not the case…

Cut 5  (06) “to our benefit”


Over 190 new people have joined a lawsuit designed to stop the implementation of common core in Louisiana. The additions, mostly concerned Louisiana parents, joined the lawsuit over a less than 48 hour period. Jeremy Alford with says the interest seems to be organic…

Cut 6 (12)  “Gravitated toward them”

The number of lawsuits in involving common core has sky rocketed over the last month, with both sides gearing up for some lengthy litigation. Alford says it appears that negotiations have failed…

CUT 7 (12)   “to the courts”

Lawsuits can be lengthy processes, but Alford says we could see some movement as soon as this month…

CUT 8 (05)   “next two weeks”


An interactive map showing the wealthiest person in each state of the United States lists Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson as the richest person in Louisiana.  The map, by real estate website Movoto, lists Benson’s net worth at $1.5 billion.  Tulane business professor Mark Rosa says that’s a lot of money for a state like Louisiana…

CUT 9 (07)  “for himself”

Benson’s ownership of the New Orleans Saints makes up a large portion of his wealth.  But Rosa says Benson’s net worth is more than just the football team…

cut 10 (06) “where he sits”

The map shows Microsoft founder Bill Gates as the richest person in America with a net worth of $80 billion.  Rosa says owning the Saints has been good for Benson and now that he’s added ownership of the Pelicans, it could pay off big.  But Rosa says sports team ownership can be a double-edged sword…

cut 11 (12)  “of his worth”


Studies on eating habits in America consistently show Louisiana to be among the most obese states in the nation.  One reason the state’s obesity rate is so high is because we eat out at restaurants, a lot.   Dare To Be Healthy Program Coordinator Janice Ackley says they are working to combat the obesity rate…

cut 12 (10) “on restaurant menus”

The Dare To Be Healthy initiative has launched “Eat Healthy SWLA” to help people make healthier choices at restaurants.  Entree options must be under 600 calories, less than 800 milligrams of sodium, and less than 10 percent saturated fat to get the Eat Healthy SWLA stamp of approval.  Ackley says her group enlists the help of registered dietitians to work with restaurants…

Cut 13 (06)  “local restaurant”

The initiative is funded by a grant from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.  Ackley says they are also educating the public on how to eat healthier when they eat out.  She says they are encouraging people to build healthier salads, cut out the salt, and use portion control when ordering at a restaurant…

Cut 14 (12)  “home for later”


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette football team is entering the 2014 season with extremely high hopes as they return 14 starters including quarterback Terrance Broadway. The Cajuns are big favorites to win a second straight Sun Belt Conference title and head Coach Mark Hudspeth says he’s excited to see what the season will bring..:

Cut 15  (13)   “our current staff”

The Ragin Cajuns play Southern on August 30th. There is work happening on a new UL-Lafayette athletics facility and Hudspeth says the team is practicing around that construction which is a slight challenge. He says that’s a good problem to have….:

Cut 16  (16)   “love hearing those things”

Hudspeth says fans are asking questions about tailgating spots and tickets and making plans to attend big games. He says he LOVES hearing that…:

Cut 17  (18)   “in our program”

AM Newscall August 4th, 2014

The massive sinkhole in Bayou Corne happened 2 years ago and resident frustrations over the massive disaster continue.  The collapsed salt dome caused the evacuations of 350 people.  Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (31) “reporting”


The new school year is approaching and the Department of Heath and Hospitals is reminding parents to be sure your child is up-to-date on vaccinations. Michelle Southern has that…:

Cut 2 Audio (23) “reporting”


A University of Louisana at Lafayette professor is conducting research to keep astronauts healthy.  Dr. Ray Boudreaux’s research is focused on one of the hazards of extended space missions:  bone loss.  Eric Gill has more…

Cut 3 Audio   (30) “….reporting” 

The massive sinkhole in Bayou Corne happened 2 years ago and resident frustrations over the massive disaster continue.  The collapsed salt dome caused the evacuations of 350 people.  John Boudreaux, Director of the Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness says most of those residents were offered a buyout from Texas Brine…

Cut 4  (07)  “these two years”

The sinkhole was created from a collapsed underground salt dome cavern operated by Texas Brine Company.  The company and property owners reached a settlement earlier this year to end damage claims and buy out their properties.  Boudreaux says even now, resident frustrations over the incident continue…

Cut 5  (06) “their lives”

He says the settlement should bring some closure to residents and help them move on with their lives.  Scientists believe the sinkhole is stabilizing, but Boudreaux is skeptical.  He does say it has been a while since any land has fallen into the sinkhole.

Cut 6 (07)  “the sinkhole”

The new school year is approaching and the Department of Heath and Hospitals is reminding parents to be sure your child is up-to-date on vaccinations. State immunologist Dr. Frank Welch says not only is ensuring your child has received the proper vaccinations important, it’s also the law…:

CUT 7 (07)   “this year”

Welch says every child should be protected before heading to the classroom…:

CUT 8 (14)   “for their shot record”

Welch says vaccines have proven safe and effective in preventing illness and death from many infectious diseases…:

CUT 9 (12)  “within the classroom”
A University of Louisiana at Lafayette professor is conducting research to keep astronauts healthy.  Dr. Ray Boudreaux’s research is focused on one of the hazards of extended space missions:  bone loss.  Boudreaux says the bone mass of astronauts is reduced by 1 to 2 percent each month they are in space…

cut 10 (07) “extraordinary bone loss”

Boudreaux’s research revealed astronauts bone-loss may be reduced with resistance exercise using pneumatic-powered equipment and by taking a bone-loss treatment drug.  Boudreaux says his research has earned him the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research’s Young Investigator Award…

cut 11 (09)  “strong bones”

He says the ultimate goal of this research is to get astronauts to Mars healthy.  Boudreaux says his research could also be helpful to help people who are bedridden for several months at a time or patients suffering from spinal chord injuries…

cut 12 (07) “on Earth”

In a recently released ranking of the “50 Great Affordable College Towns in the US”, Monroe comes in at number 33 in the nation. Monroe is the only city in Louisiana to be ranked. ULM President Nick Bruno says Monroe offers great support to the university…:

Cut 13 (10)  “perspective”

The list was complied based on the cost of living index published by the Council for Community and Economic Research. Bruno says in these days of rising tuition costs, students consider things like cost of food, housing, utilities and transportation when choosing where they want to attend college…:

Cut 14 (07)  “on that list”

Bruno says this is great national exposure for ULM…:

Cut 15  (04)   “beyond our borders”


LSU Head Coach Les Miles spoke with the media Sunday and said 103 players reported as fall training camp gets underway today. The Mad Hatter started off by saying he always loves this first meeting…:

Cut 16  (16)   “if you will”

The LSU roster will kick things off today with the veterans, and some freshman, going in the morning and the other freshman will take the afternoon session. Miles says two players will not be practicing…:

Cut 17  (12)   “go forward”

Miles says Trovonte Valentine is still awaiting clearance from the NCAA eligibility Center. Jalen Mills is still suspended for his arrest in May on second degree battery charges where he is accused of punching a woman in the face. Miles says he’s not sure what’s going on with at at the moment but he’s not pressing the issue…:

Cut 18  (10)   “his business”



PM Newscall August 1st, 2014

Colorado State University researchers continue to predict a below average 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season. Michelle Southern has that…:

CUT 1 (33) “reporting”


On the same day that smoking is banned from college campuses, drivers who throw cigarette butts out car windows face hefty fines. Michelle Southern reports.

CUT 2 (35) “reporting”


This week’s state sales-tax holiday will be a big help to local businesses that have been struggling in this sluggish economy according to the National Federation of Independent Business Louisiana. Spokesman Todd Pack says weak sales continue to be a problem for your shops down the street…:

CUT 3 (09) “at small businesses”

The Louisiana Department of Revenue says the state sales-tax holiday, Friday and Saturday, applies to all consumer purchases of tangible personal property up to $2500, other than vehicles and meals. Pack says this is exactly the shot in the arm small businesses need…:

CUT 4 (12) “for small business”

Pack says when you shop at  mom and pops you’re helping your friends and your neighbors…:

CUT 5 (08) “in the community”


On the same day that smoking is banned from public colleges and universities, motorists could face a much stiffer penalty if they throw a cigarette butt from a car window. The new law increases fines for the intentional disposal of a cigarette from a motor vehicle. Marrerro Representative Patrick Connick says littering has to stop:

CUT 6 (08) “on the street”

The new law increases first offense fines from $250 to $300, plus community service. Connick says he was inspired to write this legislation after participating in “clean up days” in his district…:

CUT 7 (08) “is a problem”

Under the new law, third and subsequent offense fines jump to $1,500 plus 80 hours of community service and suspension of your driver’s license for one year. Connick says the key to the success of this law is enforcement…:

CUT 8 (05) “cleaner state”


Another one of the state’s 551 laws that go into effect today would grant an immediate divorce in domestic violence situations. New Orleans Senator JP Morrell says before today, even if you had tons of evidence that you were a victim of domestic violence, you’d still have to wait 6 months to a year before you get a divorce…:

CUT 9 (07) “healthcare”

Morrell says now if someone has reasonable proof that they’ve been abused and can show that in court, they will be able to divorce the abuser right away…:

CUT 10 (13) “at that time”

Morrell says also beginning today, abusers under a protective order are prohibited from possessing a firearm and those convicted of domestic abuse are banned from possessing a firearm for 10 years. He says Louisiana is one of the leaders in the nation when it comes to domestic violence situations that end in death so one of the major goals of the 2014 session was to pass sweeping anti-domestic violence legislation…:

CUT 11 (11) “both parties


The 11th Annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off is being held Saturday morning in New Orleans when 19 chefs from throughout the US will compete for the high honor of best seafood chef in the nation. Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says this is a great opportunity to put the spotlight on Louisiana and gulf seafood…:

CUT 12 (14) “and blogger”

Dardenne says the competition takes place at the Convention Center in The Big Easy at 11:30am tomorrow and it is open to the public to come out and taste some amazing seafood. Dardenne says this event is all about promoting sustainable and domestic fisheries…:

CUT 13 (09) “which is obviously huge”

Dardenne says the 2013 Cook-Off Crown went to chef David Crews from Mississippi who prepared a Southern Nicoise Salad featuring lump crab meat and seared tuna. He says it doesn’t get much better than Gulf seafood…:(Tickets are just $5 in advance and $10 at the door.)

cut 14 (10) “of our product”


Colorado State University researchers continue to predict a below average 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season. CSU Report Author Dr. William Gray says they are now calling for a total of 10 named storms with four becoming hurricanes and one to reach major hurricane strength. He says the storm deterring El Nino is still expected to arrive…:

CUT 15 (11) “Atlantic Basin”

Gray says the Atlantic Ocean itself has exceptionally unfavorable hurricane formation conditions…:

CUT 16 (13) “good season”

Gray says they predict this year will be a lot like last year where we had 13 named storms but only 2 minor hurricanes. He says that doesn’t mean residents along the Gulf Coast shouldn’t take the usual precautions because you just never know…:

CUT 17 (13) “extensive damage”

AM Newscall July 25, 2014

The annual International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is underway and thousands of people are expected descend on the coastal town to enjoy the festivities. Scott Carwile has more…

CUT 1 (35) “reporting”


The Saints are settling into their temporary West Virginia home for the start of  training camp. Matthew Doyle has the story…

Cut 2 Audio (33) “reporting”

LSU AgCenter researchers continue to look at ways to combat feral hog populations throughout the state. Eric Gill reports…

Cut 3 Audio   (35) “….reporting”

The annual International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is underway and thousands of people are expected descend on coastal town to enjoy the festivities. Anglers from across the area will compete to see who can catch the biggest fish in a number of categories. Property tax clerk for the town of Grand Isle, Bonnie Pizani (piz-annie), says there’s a lot more going on than just fishing…

Cut 4  (12)  “this year”

In addition to the fishing, she says the event will also feature family events, craft vendors, crab races, live music, and more. The fishing rodeo began in 1928 and is informally referred to as the “Mardi Gras of Grand Isle.” Pizani says businesses across the island look forward to the economic boost the thousands of people who attend the event bring every year…

Cut 5  (08)  “of the year”

Grand Isle bills the rodeo, which runs through Saturday, as “the oldest fishing tournament in the United States”. Pizani says if you plan to attend, you may want to leave early as traffic tends to creep along Highway 1, the only road that accesses the island. She says the locals get into the spirit of the rodeo, too…

Cut 6 (13)  “on the board”

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, has rolled out the red carpet for the New Orleans Saints who begin training camp there today. The Black and Gold will spend the next three weeks getting ready for the upcoming season at the Greenbrier resort. Kara Dense, with the Greenbrier Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, says they were thrilled when the team bus rolled in…

CUT 7 (12)   “Next Few Weeks”
For the past few seasons, the team has held training camps exclusively at their Meterie facility. Dense says this is a great chance for some out of town Saints fans to watch the team play…

CUT 8 (11)   “Watch them practice”

The county, home to only 35 thousand people, isn’t used to getting big name stars like Quarterback Drew Brees. Dense says the locals are eating it up…

CUT 9 (13)  “for our area”

LSU AgCenter researchers continue to look at ways to combat feral hog populations throughout the state. They are beginning to look at baits containing sodium nitrite to control the number of hogs. Animal Science researcher Glen Gentry says the first step is to find an effective dose of the chemical to eliminate the animal…

cut 10 (10)  “with these hogs”

The sodium nitrite is effective in taking the oxygen out of the hog’s blood. The process causes them to become drowsy, lie down, and expire. He says hogs don’t like the taste of sodium nitrite in grain-based baits to ingest enough to get a lethal dose. Gentry says they’re testing flavors that pigs are attracted to…

cut 11 (15)  “saltiness flavor”

Gentry says research shows that 60 to 70 percent of the feral hog population needs to be removed annually just to keep the number of the hogs constant. He thinks it will be about four years before there is a product the public will be able to use. Gentry says sodium nitrite can effect other animals so they need to make sure the bait targets feral hogs …

cut 12 (10)  “sort of thing”

Hundreds are still without power in the Shreveport-Bossier City area as a result of Wednesday’s wicked thunderstorm that knocked down trees and power lines. SWEPCO spokesperson Scott McCloud says they’ve brought in utility crews from surrounding states to get the power back on….

Cut 13 (14)  “safely as possible”

It could be a difficult couple of days for those who are still without power and A-C. McCloud says the storm did so much damage that some customer’s estimated time of repair could be into the weekend…

Cut 14 Audio  (13)  “16 hour shifts”

The storm took out power across other SWEPCO served states as well, with the Shreveport-Bossier City area being the hardest hit. McCloud says the storm rode right along state lines…

Cut 15 Audio  (12)   “long period of time”

The 2014 NFL season gets underway today for the Black and Gold as they hold their first training camp practice at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. New Orleans defense made great strides last year, but Coach Sean Payton says there’s still room for improvement, especially in the area of turnovers

Cut 16 Audio (13)    “to form”

Tight end Jimmy Graham will be on the field with his teammates for the first time since the playoff loss to Seattle. Graham missed all of the off-season workouts as he stayed away from the team during negotiations for a long-term contract. Payton has no problems with how the situation was handled

Cut 17 Audio (15) “football team”


This is the first time since the 2008 season, the Saints have held most of their training camp away from their training facility in Metairie. During the first three seasons of the Sean Payton era, the team worked out in Jackson, Mississippi. General Manager Mickey Loomis on why the move to West Virginia

Cut 18 (19) ”  basis”

LRN Newscall July 24 PM

Over 60-thousand Louisiana residents who purchased insurance through the marketplace set up by the Affordable Care Act are facing a rate increase in the double digits. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


The National Weather Service in Shreveport says a bad storm that blew through northwest Louisiana last night left thousands without power and claimed the life of one person. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 2 (33) “reporting”


State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says 60-percent of the Louisiana residents who purchased insurance through the marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act face a double-digit rate hike next year. Donelon says that’s based on paperwork filed with the state’s insurance department

CUT 3 (11) “for the subsidy”

Donelon says 101-thousand Louisiana residents have health care through the individual marketplace and they anticipate the average rate increase to be about 12 to 13 percent

CUT 4 (11) “10-percent”

Donelon says the double-digit rate hike is the result of a federal premium tax that’s been placed on the policies and the rates have been capped for the elderly and least healthy….

CUT 5 (15) “national average”


The National Weather Service in Shreveport says a bad storm that blew through northwest Louisiana last night left thousands without power and claimed the life of one person. Senior Meteorologist Jason Hansford says they saw 60-70 mile per hour winds which downed numerous trees and power lines…:

CUT 6 (07) “without power”

Hansford says as of early this morning there were still over 50,000 people who did not have power. He says one woman even lost her life…:

CUT 7 (09) “yesterday evening”

Hansford says the victim was walking down a street during the height of the storms when the winds really started picking up…:

CUT 8 (12) “to her injuries”


A commitment is in place to produce more workers for the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry. Higher education leaders, state officials and representatives from the oil industry have formed a long-term public-private partnership to come up with solutions to meet with workforce needs. Louisiana Mid Continent Oil and Gas Association President Chris John

CUT 9 (12) “that’s workforce”

John says about 40-percent of the workforce that’s experienced in the Gulf of Mexico will retire in the next ten years. He says that’s a concern, especially since deep water exploration and production is expected to increase.

CUT 10 (09) “out in the Gulf”

John says this Memorandum of Understanding between the various entities will come together to form a curriculum so prospective gulf of mexico oil workers could be certified in two years….

cut 11 (09) ” well paying job


Louisiana State Police say two women died in a crash just after midnight in Rapides Parish and they weren’t buckled up. Trooper Scott Moreau says they responded to the crash in Alexandria on La Hwy 1205 around 12:15am and learned a Honda was being driven by 31-year-old Heather McComic of Boyce…:

CUT 12 (10) “collided with a tree”

Moreau says after McComic ran off the road and crashed into a tree, she was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead…:

CUT 13 (08) “under investigation”

Moreau says the only passenger in the vehicle, 29-year-old Ashley Gallien of Pineville, was pronounced dead at the scene. He says neither woman was restrained at the time of the crash. Moreau says properly wearing your seatbelt will dramatically reduce your chance of being killed in a crash…:

cut 14 (10) “any other factor”

AM Newscall July 24, 2014

The New Orleans Saints report to training camp in West Virginia today and the Black and Gold nation is already stocking up on their gear for the mega-hyped 2014 season. Michelle Southern has that…:

CUT 1 (34) “reporting”


Following a discovery in Arkansas, Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain says the USDA is conducting trap surveys across the state to watch for Emerald Ash Borer beetles. Eric Gill has the story…

Cut 2 Audio (34) “reporting”

Louisiana State Police announce the arrest of a Houma woman who allegedly scammed illegal immigrants out of money. Eric Gill reports…

Cut 3 Audio   (35) “….reporting”

The New Orleans Saints report to football camp in West Virginia today and the Black and Gold nation is already stocking up on their gear for the mega-hyped 2014 season. Lauren “FleurtyGirl” LeBlanc is the owner of a popular Saints fan shop in New Orleans…:

Cut 4  (08)  “what they’re coming in for”

The Saints begin pre-season play August 8th and the regular season begins less than a month later. Many have said that this year’s team could be better than the Black and Gold Superbowl team on paper, but LeBlanc says Saints fans will load up on swag before ANY season…:

Cut 5  (09)  “no matter what”

LeBlanc says even though the Saints aren’t practicing in Metairie this year, it’s not stopping the merchandise from flying off the shelves. She says her regulars come in every year looking for the one shirt that’s going to be their lucky shirt for the season…:

Cut 6 (10)  “always lose”

Following a discovery in Arkansas, Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain says the USDA is conducting trap surveys across the state to watch for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetles. Strain says the EAB is an invasive beetle that attacks and kills ash trees…

CUT 7 (15)   “Reserve Program”

He says when the pest gets into an ash tree, it generally kills the tree in three to five years. The EAB was first discovered in Michigan in 2002 and is now present in 24 states. Strain says the beetle is often transported into an area by infested firewood…

CUT 8 (13)   “unused firewood”

He says the best way to prevent EAB, is to not move firewood. It is best to purchase firewood no more than ten miles from where it will be burned. And when traveling, you should burn the firewood where you purchased it and make sure you burn all of it. He says the EAB has a distinctive look…(For more information on the EAB go to

CUT 9 (12)  “take a look”

State Police say a Houma woman extorted an undisclosed amount of money from illegal immigrants while working as a Spanish interpreter for the Terrebonne Parish Government. Trooper Evan Harrell says 45-year-old Trina Bourg (Burg) faces federal and state charges….

cut 10 (16)  “of the system”

Harrell says Bourg used her position to extort money from these individuals claiming to be able to get their cases dropped. He says this arrest comes from a joint investigation between the State Police and the US Department of Homeland Security. Harrell says when the arrest was made, Bourg was turned over to federal agents…

cut 11 (08)  “federal level”

The total amount of money Bourg supposedly extorted is unknown. Harrell says Bourg was booked into the St. Charles Parish Jail on federal wire fraud charges. he says upon her release there, Bourg will be transported back to Terrebonne Parish…(Bourg will face multiple state charges including extortion and malfeasance in office.)

cut 12 (10)  “several other charges”

A Monroe couple is charged with second degree cruelty to a juvenile after taking their 7-week old son to the hospital. The Monroe Police Department believe the infant suffered repeated abuse. Assistant Police Chief Don Bartley says officers responded to a call from a local hospital in reference to an injured child…

Cut 13 (06)  “on the brain”

Doctors discovered the child was suffering from bleeding on the brain. Authorities interviewed the parents, 29-year-old James Hall and his wife, 27-year-old Emily Rae Hall. Bartley says neither could provide any explanation for the child’s injuries. He says doctors at the hospital told deputies the injuries 7-week-old suffered were due to abuse…

Cut 14 Audio  (11)  “in the brain”

He says medical tests showed various stages of healing in the child’s brain, which indicated repeated abuse. James and Emily were booked into the Ouachita Correctional facility each on $50,000 bond. Bartley says the infant remains in the hospital in critical condition…

Cut 15 Audio  (04)   “in his condition”

At Conference USA Media Day, Louisiana Tech Head Skip Holtz told reporters the Bulldogs will be better season this year, after going four and eight last season. Tech’s offense struggled last year, averaging just 19 points a game. But Holtz says they have more speed at the wide receiver position with the addition of former West Monroe star Paul Turner

Cut 16 Audio (18)    “as well”

Holtz expects improvement on the defensive side of football as well. He says defensive end Houston Bates, who is a transfer from Illinois is a nice addition

Cut 17 Audio (15) “football team”


In a poll of the league’s coaches and sports information directors, Southeastern Louisiana has been picked to win the Southland Conference. The Lions won the Southland last season as they were a perfect 7-and-0 in the league. S-L-U Head Coach Ron Roberts is a strong believer that his team can re-peat as Southland champs

Cut 18 (19) ”  basis”

Roberts says he likes the idea that they’ll have a bulls eye on their chest this season…

CUT 19 (20) “2014″