Newscall AM January 2nd, 2015

2015 promises to be another interesting year in Louisiana politics. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Louisiana’s Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret is anticipating significant job growth in 2015. Scott Carwile has more…

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If your New Years resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle, here are some tips. Emelie Gunn has more….

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With statewide elections taking place this year and the possibility of Governor Bobby Jindal announcing a run for President, 2015, expects to be another wild year in Louisiana politics. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says Republican US Senator David Vitter is the front-runner in the governor’s race, but there are other strong candidates…


cut 4  (12)  “uncertainty”

Pinsonat says we can expect an announcement early this year from Jindal on running for President. He says the governor may have to announce his intentions sooner than originally planned, because of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s entrance into the race…

Cut 5  (06)  “too far ahead”

Pinsonat says it’s unclear how involved Jindal will be with state matters in his final year of office, especially if he’s focused on the 2016 Presidential race…

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Louisiana’s Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret anticipates significant growth in 2015 as a result of the new projects they announced last year. Moret says a lot of that growth will occur in the high tech and the software development industry…

CUT 7 (04)  “in Louisiana”

Moret says in 2014, Louisiana announced dozens of company expansions or relocations, which will result in 25-thousand new jobs…

Cut 8 (10)  “nice growth” 

Moret says the economic growth this year and in the coming years will be diversified growth, which has his office exicted…

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Three people were killed in a New Year’s eve crash in Livingston Parish, including an 11-year-old girl. State Police trooper Jared Sandifer says alcohol is not suspected in the two-vehicle wreck that happened around 8:15 on Wednesday night near Walker…

Cut 10 (11) “another one” 

The 11-year-old girl that died in the crash has been identified as Hannah Chisholm of Denham Springs. Sandifer says she was in the rear middle seat, wearing a seatbelt, but the vehicle was equipped with a lap belt only

cut 11 (10) “option”

Hannah’s mother, 37-year-old Shannon Chisholm was also killed in the crash. Sandifer says 24-year-old Trinity Kiger of Satsuma also died from his injuries. He says Kiger was the one who hit the Chisholm’s 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

cut 12 (05)  “seatbelt”


With a New Year underway, many people strive to live a healthier lifestyle and try to lose weight. Melissa Martin with the State Department of Health and Hospitals says in order to keep your New Years resolution you can start with keeping it simple and realistic.

Cut 13 (12)  “and convenient”

Martin says having a support system to keep you motivated while working toward your goals. She says also smart phones have new food journal apps that can help you stay accountable and aware of the decisions you make…

Cut 14 (11)  “back burner”

Martin says drinking water is very important to staying on track because the number one symptom of dehydration is hunger. She says also watching your alcohol consumption can really make a difference when it comes to following through with your resolutions.

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LRN AM Newscall for Monday January 1, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control says the flu has now reached the epidemic level in the United States and the state Department of Health and Hospitals says its going to get worse before it gets better in Louisiana. Eric Gill reports…

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LDWF is now accepting applications to become a wildlife and fisheries field agent. Emelie Gunn has more…

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The Centers for Disease Control says the flu has now reached the epidemic level in the United States and the state Department of Health and Hospitals says its going to get worse before it gets better in Louisiana. Medical director for the immunization program, Dr. Frank Welch, says the flu situation in the Bayou State is absolutely terrible…

Cut 3 (06) “influenza-like symptoms”

Welch says almost seven out of every 100 doctor visits in the state are for flu-like symptoms. He says this year’s flu shot is not perfect, but that should not be an excuse to not get immunized. Welch says the flu shot is still absolutely your best protection…

cut 4  (11)  “dies from it”

Welch says the flu shot will still partially protect you making the illness less serious and less likely someone needs to be hospitalized. And he speaks from personal experience. Welch says, after receiving a flu shot a couple of months ago, he contracted the flu last week…

Cut 5  (11)  “three days later”


The minimum wage goes up in 21 states today. Of course, here in Louisiana the minimum hourly wage stays at $7.25. But Tulane Business Professor Mark Rosa says with nearly half of the states acting on their own, it will spur more talk about raising the federal minimum wage

Cut 6 (10)  “has been changed”

Critics of a higher minimum wage say it forces some businesses to reduce their work force in order to compensate for the higher wages. But Rosa says government can minimize impact, by raising the wage rate slightly or index it to inflation.

CUT 7 (09)  “50 percent”

Arkansas is one of the few states in the South that’s raising the minimum wage today. The lowest paid workers will have to earn at least $8.05 an hour as a result of a ballot initiative approved by voters in November. Rosa says it will be interesting to see how this impact’s Arkansas’ economy…

Cut 8 (08)  “large percentages” 


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is now accepting applications from individuals who are interested in becoming an enforcement agent. LDWF spokesperson Adam Einck says individuals interested in applying should visit the state’s civil service website and also must complete a test to qualify for consideration.

Cut 9 (11)  “of the week”

They will be accepting applications until January 23rd and out of those applications, 24 cadets will be chosen and will will train for six months in Baton Rouge. Einck says cadets will be taught game laws and trained to become search and rescue responders.

Cut 10 (09) “enforcement personnel” 

Einck says this is a great position for people who love to be outdoors. He says field agents spend most of their time outdoors, on the water and trekking through the woods.

cut 11 (08) “to apply”


The new year is off to a dreary start weather wise in north Louisiana. Marty Mayeaux, with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, says cold and rainy conditions will keep people inside

cut 12 (06)  “of rainfall”

High temperatures today will barely get out of the 40s. Mayeaux says it will be warmer tomorrow, but the rain will stick around for the northern half of the state….

Cut 13 (09)  “Saturday afternoon”

There’s also a good chance of rain in southwest Louisiana today and those rain chances increase across south Louisiana over the weekend

Cut 14 (05)  “to be wet”

PM LRN Newscall December 31

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Executive Director, Lt. Col. John LeBlanc hopes to avoid a repeat of last year where eight people were killed on Louisiana roadways during the New Year’s holiday. Eric Gill reports…

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Over 56-thousand people in Louisiana have selected a health insurance plan during the first month of enrollment through what is commonly referred to as “Obamacare.” Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Highway Safety officials are hoping to avoid a repeat of last year where eight people were killed on Louisiana roadways during the New Year’s holiday. Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Executive Director, Lt. Col. John LeBlanc, says historically and statistically the New Year’s holiday is one of the deadliest times to be on the road…

CUT 3 (09)  “over these holidays”

LeBlanc says all of the fatalities that occurred on state roadways during last year’s New Year’s holiday were alcohol related. He says if you do plan on ringing in the new year with alcohol, do it responsibly…

CUT 4 (10)  “an impaired driver”

LeBlanc says if you plan on drinking alcohol tonight, make sure you secure a sober driver home. He says their “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign continues through January 3. LeBlanc says law enforcement will be out in force tonight, putting in extra effort to remove impaired drivers from the road…

CUT 5 (06)  “night, too”


Federal health officials say more than 56-thousand Louisiana residents have selected health insurance plans during the first month of enrollment under what is commonly called “Obamacare.” Doctor Karen DeSalvo, with the US Department of Health and Human Services, says that’s encouraging to see…

CUT 6 (11)  “this year”

DeSalvo says it’s also worth noting that most of those who are choosing a health insurance plan through the Marketplace are not having to pay the full cost of the premiums

CUT 7 (09) “health insurance”

Almost 102-thousand people in Louisiana purchased health insurance through the federal marketplace in 2014. DeSalvo says the 2015 open enrollment period will last until February 15th, and urges people to get covered…

CUT 8 (11) “take for granted”


This is a big tourism week for New Orleans with tomorrow’s Sugar Bowl matchup between Ohio State and Alabama. But New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau Communications Director Lauren Cason says there’s more going on in the Big Easy than the game. She says New Orleans has been named one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the nation…

CUT 9 (08)  “New Year’s Eve”

Cason says the Sugar Bowl’s added importance as one of the College Football National Championship semi-final games is bringing an extra dose of excitement to the city. She says having two teams with huge fanbases is a great for the economy…

CUT 10 (11)  “great business”

She says New Year’s Eve and the Sugar Bowl provide a great start to the tourism year in New Orleans. Cason says there are some new events coming to the Crescent City in the new year that should add a nice boost…

cut 11 (10)  “annual ones”


National media outlets are reporting LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis is leaving Baton Rouge for the same job at Texas A&M. Tiger Rag Editor James Moran says it’s a big loss for a program that’s won a lot of football games over the last several years, because of their defense

cut 12 (06)  “to be filled”

Chavis has been LSU’s defensive coordinator the last six years and made one-point-three million dollars this past season. LSU offered him a new contract, but Moran says the Aggies are willing to pay “The chief” a higher annual salary…

cut 13 (08)  “over the top”

Reports indicate Chavis has agreed to a three-year deal with Texas A-and-M, which will pay him nearly one-point-seven million dollars a year. Moran says one possible candidate to replace Chavis is former Ole Miss head coach and Louisiana native Ed Orgeron

cut 14 (06)  “defensive line coach”

AM LRN Newscall December 31st

It’s New Years’ Eve and many across the state will celebrate by shooting fireworks tonight and State Fire Marshal Butch Browning encourages everyone to be safe. Scott Carwile reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


New young whooping cranes have been released into the Wetlands Conservation Area in Gueydan. Emelie Gunn has the story….

Cut 2 (32) “a little bit”


Elmer Chocolate announces a 40 million dollar expansion. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 3 (29) “reporting”


It’s New Years’ Eve and many across the state will celebrate by shooting fireworks tonight. State Fire Marshal Butch Browning encourages everyone to follow a few rules so you can enjoy your fireworks safely. He says you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations…

cut 4  (09)  “that’ll burn”

He also suggests that you have an ample water supply nearby to douse spent or misfired fireworks and you should never light fireworks in your hand. Browning says his office investigated 12 serious firework related injuries during the 4th of July season this year…

Cut 5  (11)  “injuries occur”

Browning also says you should never handle fireworks while drinking alcohol nor allow children to light them. He says, in the unfortunate incident that you are burned by fireworks, remain calm…

Cut 6 (07)  “medical attention”


Fourteen juvenile whooping cranes have been released into White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area. Wildlife Biologist with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sara Zimorski says the birds were delivered in early December from the U.S. Geological Survey. She says the young birds join 26 adults already being monitored by wildlife officials.

CUT 7 (12)  “a little faster”

Zimorski says even with some set backs, the birds are doing well in this environment. She says last year a young pair of birds nested twice with unfertilized eggs but took the proper steps to incubate.

Cut 8 (11)  “really positive steps” 

Zimorski says a total of 64 whooping cranes have been released since they started to regrow the population in Louisiana and 40 birds are still alive.

Cut 9 (13)  “thing to swallow”


Elmer Chocolate announces they will undergo a 40 million dollar expansion to their Ponchatoula factory. CEO Robert Nelson says the 70 thousand square foot addition will allow the plant to do everything more efficiently.

Cut 10 (10) “core business” 

Nelson says this addition will create a variety of new jobs at Elmer. He says they look at this expansion as a model for other U.S. manufactures to follow.

cut 11 (10) “at Elmer”

Nelson says this addition is necessary to stay in business for the long haul. He says the state is assisting through their fast start program which will help Elmer employees learn new job skills.

cut 12 (10)  “coming in”


LSU loses to Notre Dame 31-28 in the Music City Bowl and it’s also possible they are losing their very successful defensive coordinator. Reports indicate that John Chavis will leave LSU for the same job at Texas A-and-M. Chavis spoke with reporters after the game, but didn’t want to talk about his future…

Cut 13 (10)  “okay”

During the post-game press conference, Coach Les Miles spoke about Chavis in the past tense

Cut 14 (13)  “to say”

Chavis made one-point-three million dollars this past season, and LSU has offered him a new contract. But it’s been reported the Aggies are willing to give “Chief” a 400-thousand dollar raise. Miles was asked about losing Chavis to an SEC West rival…

Cut 15  (14)  “play like hell”

LRN PM Newscall for December 30th

As Louisiana’s industrial boom continues, the state’s largest utility company will need to be able to generate more power to meet the demand. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (29) “reporting”


Louisiana 1st District Congressman Steve Scalise is making national headlines, after he admits to speaking at an event organized by a white supremacist group. Jeff Palermo has the story……..

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


As Louisiana’s industrial boom continues, the state’s largest utility company will need to be able to generate more power to meet the demand. Entergy spokesperson Mike Burns says they are already looking at ways to increase energy production…

CUT 3 (09)  “continuing to grow”

Burns says Entergy has already bought a power plant in El Dorado, Arkansas to make electricity and a new unit in Westwego will go online soon. But Burns says they will need more resources to meet the demand by these new industrial customers…

CUT 4 (07)  “that we have”

Entergy will likely build new power plants, to the tune of $1 billion apiece, which their customers will be expected to pay for. But Burns says the company believes they will still be able to keep customers electricity costs among the lowest in the nation…

CUT 5 (10)  “on our customers”


US Representative Steve Scalise admits to speaking to a white supremacist group while serving in the Louisiana legislature in 2002, but the republican from Jefferson Parish says he detests any kind of hate group. U-L Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the controversy surrounding Scalise will likely not end his political career…

CUT 6 (07)  “quite awhile”

Scalise was a speaker at a convention of the European-American Unity and Rights organization, which was founded by former K-K-K leader David Duke. A statement from the Congressman’s office says he only spoke about conservative fiscal policies, and did not endorse the group’s mission or racial views. Cross says the story doesn’t look good for Scalise, but it’s something that will likely fade away…

CUT 7 (08) “story”

Scalise serves as the House Majority Whip and he’ll help shape the Republican Party’s agenda when a new Congress convenes next year. Cross says this story shouldn’t hurt his influence on the rest of the US House of Representatives…

CUT 8 (10) “leadership post”


Pineville police have arrested an Alexandria couple who allegedly called in bomb threats at a Wal-Mart as part of a scheme to steal merchandise from the store. Police Chief Donald Weatherford says 57-year-old Hardtner Greenhoward and 33-year-old LaShonda Anderson made the threats on December 21st and 26th

CUT 9 (10)  “be done”

Weatherford says Greenhoward and Anderson came up with the idea of a bomb threat as a way to create a distraction, so they can steal items from Wal-Mart…

CUT 10 (08)  “large television”

Weatherford says Greenhoward and Anderson were charged with felony theft, two counts of terrorizing and criminal conspiracy

cut 11 (04)  “a theft”


The Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested two teen-aged hitchhikers for allegedly stealing a limousine from a Napoleonville funeral home. Deputy Robert Martin says 18-year-old Trey Hebert and 17-year-old Brandon Morris were at an area hospital where one of them received stitches from a fight he was in earlier that morning. Martin says they didn’t have a ride home and began hitchhiking…

cut 12 (08)  “to Pierre Part”

Deputies received complaints of a white limousine driving recklessly Monday morning. Martin says officers were able to locate the suspected vehicle at around 8AM…

cut 13 (05)  “stood out”

He says detectives were able to locate the pair in their home, one street over from where they found the stolen car. Martin says both Hebert and Morris were booked into the Assumption Parish Detention Center… (Each are charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle.)

cut 14 (04)  “a felony”

AM Newscall December 30th, 2014

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s Traffic Safety Culture Index reveals that Americans have a higher tolerance for drug-impaired drivers than they do for alcohol impaired drivers. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (33) “reporting”


With 2015 fast approaching, now would be a good time to start getting a plan together for improving your personal finance situation. Michelle Southern reports…:

Cut 2 (27) “reporting”


You’ve probably accumilated plenty of trash this month during the Holidays and the Department of Environmental Quality is urging you to recyle. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 3 (30) “reporting”


New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that Americans have a higher tolerance for drug-impaired drivers than they do for alcohol impaired drivers. It shows two-thirds of Americans say drinking and driving poses a very serious threat on the road, while just over 50-percent feel the same way about drug use. Spokesman Don Redman says State Troopers in the New Orleans area have seen an increase in drug use during DWI arrests…

cut 4  (12)  “the wheel impaired”

The Traffic Safety Culture Index also shows that just over 25-percent feel that the use of prescription drugs behind the wheel poses a threat to their personal safety. Redman says that many prescriptions, and some over-the-counter medications, can impair a driver in a similar way that alcohol does…

Cut 5  (08)  “with DWI”

Previous studies have found that certain antidepressants can increase crash risk by up to 41-percent. To educate drivers on the impact that prescription and over-the-counter drugs can have on safe driving ability, Redman says they have developed the free RoadwiseRX website… (www-dot-roadsiderx-dot-com)

Cut 6 (10)  “driving impaired”


With 2015 fast approaching, now would be a good time to start getting a plan together for improving your personal finance situation. Bennett Blackledge is a financial advisor in Baton Rouge and he says if you don’t already have one, the best gift you can give yourself in the new year is a sound plan…:

CUT 7 (06)  “of charge cards”

Blackledge a great new years resolution could be resolving to save between 5 to 10 percent of your take home pay…:

Cut 8 (10)  “account” 

Blackledge says you should sit down and look at how much you spent for Christmas in 2014, and begin in January making a financial savings plan for next Christmas. He says many people are getting year end bonuses and he encourages folks to plug that money into a credit card balance…:

Cut 9 (06)  “Christmas time”


You’ve probably accumulated plenty of trash this month during the Holidays and the Department of Environmental Quality is urging you to recycle. DEQ spokesman Greg Langley says more garbage is produced in the month of December than any other month. He says if you’ve got a lot of boxes, many businesses will accept used packing supplies…:

Cut 10 (08) “in landfills” 

Langley says they also encourage people to recycle Christmas trees because it reduces the amount of material that goes into landfills and provides compost, mulch and wood chips for us by local gardeners. He says local governments throughout the state have different tree recycling programs and you can get information at or on their Facebook Page…:

cut 11 (09) “us information”

Langley says if you do recycle your tree you should remove lights, ornaments, tinsel and other decorative items before disposing of them. He says most cardboard and wrapping paper can be reused. Langley says plenty of folks got new gifts that require batteries which they always prefer to keep out of landfills…:

cut 12 (10)  “recycle it”


The Music City Bowl is today featuring the LSU Tigers and Notre Dame. The game kicks off at 2pm and will be televised on ESPN. Notre Dame will start sophomore Malik Zaire (Ma-Leak, Zie-Ear) at quarterback in place of senior Everett Golson. Irish coach Brian Kelly said at a press conference Monday they do plan to play both players…:

Cut 13 (10)  “obviously”

Golson started all 12 regular season games for the Irish but had struggled down the stretch and was pulled in favor of Zaire during Notre Dame’s 49-14 loss to USC in the regular-season finale. Kelly says they are pleased with the way Golson has looked the past couple of weeks..:

Cut 14 (12)  “obviously”

In response to Kelly’s announcement, LSU coach Les Miles made it clear the starting quarterback switch wouldn’t change much in the way his defense heads into Tuesday’s game…:

Cut 15  (12)  “how it unfolds”



PM Newscall December 29th, 2014

It was another deadly weekend on Louisiana roadways according to State Police. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (31) “reporting”


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office is investigating an apparent robbery which ended deadly last night in Youngsville. Michelle Southern reports.

CUT 2 (32) “reporting”


State Police say a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle last night in St. Martin Parish. Master Trooper Brooks David says 48-year-old Brian Bearden of Youngsville was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. He says officers responded to a crash last night on US 90…

CUT 3 (08)  “on US 90″

David says the driver of the vehicle says he did not see Bearden as he was crossing the highway. The driver did submit to a chemical test and it showed he was not impaired. He says most fatalities involving pedestrians happen at night, and if you are walking along the road, there are precautions you should take…

CUT 4 (09)  “of Louisiana”


State Police say a single vehicle crash in Lafourche Parish claimed the life of an 18-year-old Galliano man. Trooper Evan Harrell says Evan Danos was a passenger in a vehicle that failed to negotiate a left hand turn on LA 1 and ran off the roadway and struck a tree on the passenger side of the vehicle…

CUT 5 (10)  “that passenger side”

Danos was transported to a local hospital and succumbed to his injuries shortly after arrival. The driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Colby Callais, was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. Harrell says this crash is still under investigation…

CUT 6 (07)  “as of yet”


Lafayette Police say an arrest has been made in the Christmas Day shooting in Lafayette that left one victim dead and injured another. 23-year-old Chesmond Paris of Lafayette is charged with second degree murder. Cpl. Paul Mouton says when officers responded to the scene, they found two shooting victims…

CUT 7 (10) “to the foot”

23-year-old Wilbert Simon of Lafayette was pronounced dead at the scene. A second victim was shot in the foot. Paris turned himself in to authorities without incident. Mouton says investigators believe a disturbance occurred between Paris and Simon in the street…

CUT 8 (11) “in the foot”


Shreveport Police have arrested another person in connection with an early Friday morning shooting that left an Arkansas man dead. 21-year-old Demarcus Gladney of Bossier City is charged with one count of illegal use of a weapon. Sgt. Bill Gooden says this deadly incident began when a group of teens were kicked out of a Christmas party at a hotel for fighting…

CUT 9 (11)  “police units”

A 16-year-old was previously arrested for his involvement in the shooting. Goodin says 52-year-old Robert Swenson died of a gunshot wound to the chest. He says two teenagers were also injured in the incident. Goodin says it appears Goodin was just an innocent bystander…

CUT 10 (08)  “at all”


Now that the Saints season is over after a 23-20 win over Tampa Bay yesterday, the Who Dat nation is reflecting on the disappointing year. It’s likely New Orleans will get the 13th pick in the first round of the 2015 draft and these fans have mixed feelings on picking up the win over the Bucs yesterday…:

cut 11 (09)  “they need help”

NFL teams can sign free agents starting March 10. The draft begins April 30. These Black and Gold faithful didn’t hold back when asked their feelings…:

cut 12 (09) “entire team”

These fans say some serious changes need to be made on the team if the Saints hope to achieve a winning season…

cut 13 (19) “ship em out”


AM Newscall December 29th, 2014

State Climatologist Barry Keim recaps the 2014 year in Louisiana weather. Michelle Southern reporting.

CUT 1 (32) “reporting”


According to the latest Southern Media and Opinion Research poll, likely voters in Louisiana don’t have an answer for how the legislature should fill a $1.4 billion dollar budget hole next year. Michelle Southern reporting.

Cut 2 (28) “reporting”


This time of year in Louisiana sees an increase of deer spotted on roadways and state officials are urging motorists to use extreme caution to avoid deer collisions. Eric Gill reports…

Cut 3 (30) “reporting”


The 2014 year in weather will go down as the year of the polar vortex. State Climatologist Barry Keim says this large pocket of very cold air has been around for a while but it was really brought to life this year in Louisiana. He says this polar vortex produced four rounds of mixed precipitation here…:

cut 4  (11)  “Mardi Gras Day”

Keim says those frosty episodes included freezing rain, sleet and some snow which lead to the closure of many roads and bridges and even I-10 and I-12…:

Cut 5  (10)  “downright cruel”

Keim says this year the heaviest rainfall days were May 27th and 28th with a storm total of 17.7 inches at Convent with several other surrounding sites over 12 inches. He says another inception of the polar front came in the form of five summer cold fronts bringing in relief to blistering hot days. Keim says we’ve now had no hurricane activity in Louisiana for a second year in a row…:

Cut 6 (08)  “in my book”


According to the latest Southern Media and Opinion Research poll, likely voters in Louisiana don’t have an answer for how the legislature should fill a $1.4 billion dollar budget hole next year. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says the numbers show people don’t want to see any more cuts to higher education, but they also don’t want taxes raised…:

CUT 7 (06)  “on what to do”

Pinsonat says we keep having these recurring deficits so he predicts lawmakers will do what they’ve done every year which is nothing…:

Cut 8 (11)  “special exemption taxes” 

Pinsonat says it’s going to take the next Governor to come up with with a program that combines a few taxes here, a few cuts there…then get out and try to sell the plan to voters. He says there does seem to be interest in cutting out certain tax incentives in order to help balance the budget..:

Cut 9 (06)  “tax the other person”


State Police Col Mike Edmonson is saying thanks to the more than 100,000 followers they have on Facebook heading into 2015. He says it took just three years to get so many people on board with wanting to remain informed about what’s going on with the state’s law enforcement…:

Cut 10 (08) “to prepare for those” 

The site is Police. Edmonson says they worked hard to get over 100,000 before the end of the year and it’s gone above and beyond. He says they pledge to continue providing real time updates:

cut 11 (15) “to hear”

Edmonson says their Facebook page includes news, photos and videos of emergency incidents, community events and topics that directly affect the citizens of Louisiana. He is very grateful so many people have jumped on board and shared important information with their other friends…:

cut 12 (10)  “100,000 likes”


This time of year in Louisiana sees an increase of deer spotted on roadways and state officials are urging motorists to use extreme caution to avoid deer collisions. State Farm spokesman Gary Stephenson says a collision with a deer could be costly and even deadly. He says Louisiana had about 9800 deer-auto collisions in the past year ending July 1…

Cut 13 (11)  “hit a deer”

He says these are the most dangerous months in terms of deer-auto collisions because the animals are very active searching for food and a mate. Stephenson says the most active times for deer movement are early morning and early evening…

Cut 14 (12)  “of the survey”

He says there was about $38 million in damage from deer-auto collisions in the past year. Stephenson says motorists should use common sense when driving this time of year to avoid a deer-auto collision…

Cut 15  (12)  “things to remember”


An ugly 2014 New Orleans Saints football season is officially behind us. Many Black & Gold faithful now wonder what happens next. NFL Analyst Mike Detillier says the salary cap will play a big role for next year’s Saints team. He says, first, several veterans will be asked to rework their contract to save money under the cap. Then, Detillier says the team needs to go to the “Bank of Brees”…

Cut 16  (09)  “room, cap-wise”  

He says the team should focus on getting a center and cornerback through free agency and work to get a big time pass rusher through the draft. Detillier says it wouldn’t be surprising to see some coaching changes on the Saints’ sideline, either…

Cut 17 (09)  “football team”

Detillier calls the 2014 season the most disappointing season in the history of the franchise because of the expectations going in. But he says with the right personnel moves, the team can get right back in it. Detillier reminds the Black & Gold faithful of 2005…

Cut 18 (12) “Championship Game”


PM Newscall December 26th, 2014

Scattered heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to roll through Louisiana this weekend. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (29) “reporting”


US Senator David Vitter is asking Louisianans to go see the movie “The Interview”. Eric Gill reports.

CUT 2 (27) “reporting”


Scattered heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to roll through Louisiana this weekend. Gavin Phillips, with the National Weather Service in Slidell, says a Flash Flood Watch is being placed in effect for a majority of southeast Louisiana starting at midnight Friday night…

CUT 3 (08)  “and evening”

Rain is expected to continue to fall across most of the state through Sunday. Phillips says the state will see significant amounts of precipitation this weekend…

CUT 4 (07)  “amounts possible”

Two to five inches of rain is expected, with locally higher amounts possible. Phillips says the storms should end late Sunday afternoon into the evening. He says dryer conditions and cooler temperatures lie ahead as we enter next week. But Phillips says more wet weather could be on the way later in the week…

CUT 5 (08)  “time period”


It’s unhappy Christmas present return time and another busy few days at stores and malls as folks exchange or bring back gifts they didn’t like. Cynthia Albert, with the Better Business Bureau says there are a few things to be aware of if you’re making a return. She says first of all you need to find out what the store’s policy is…:

CUT 6 (08)  “store policy”

Albert says the BBB gets a lot of calls after Christmas with complaints about stores not taking back items like that sweater that didn’t fit…:

CUT 7 (04) “it may be theres”

Albert says it’s always important to get information about return policies up front but if you are having a problem returning something you can call your local Better Business Bureau…:

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US Senator David Vitter is asking Louisianans to go see the movie “The Interview”. The film depicts the assassination of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and had originally been pulled from release after Sony was hacked apparently by the country. It is now being shown in select theaters and Vitter says it’s important that ALL Americans stand up to dictatorship

CUT 9 (08)  “The Interview”

Vitter says he will be seeing the movie with adult members of his family at Chalmette Movies on Monday. It is also being shown at Hollywood Cinemas in LaPlace and the Robinson Center in Shreveport. Vitter says please keep in mind that the movie is rated “R” and some people may consider it crude.

CUT 10 (09)  “to North Korea”

Vitter says he’s also written a letter to President Obama asking him to show the movie at the White House for Members of Congress. He says that would be another clear signal and strong message to North Korea…:

cut 11 (10)  “and cyber attacks”


The Duck Commander Independence Bowl kicks off Saturday afternoon in Shreveport. This year’s matchup sees South Carolina facing off with the University of Miami. Media Relations Director, Stefan (STEF-an) Nolet (NO-lay), says the excitement level has been high for this game since they made the announcement…

cut 12 (09) “that’s huge”

Miami and South Carolina come into this game looking to put a positive end on disappointing seasons. Both teams are 6-6 on the season. But Nolet says both squads have passionate fan bases and is hopeful the distance to Shreveport doesn’t keep them away…

cut 13 (07) “play each other”

The game will kickoff at 2:30 and be televised on ABC. This is the first time the I-Bowl will be on national broadcast network television since 1991. With Duck Commander being the game sponsor, Nolet says you can expect to see the Robertson family out in full force…

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AM Newscall December 26th, 2014

Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean shoppers are done with finding great deals. Michelle Southern reports…

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We’re still in the middle of the Holiday season and experts advise us to continue taking it easy. Michelle Southern reports.

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Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean shoppers are done with finding great deals. Louisiana Tech Marketing Professor, Barry Babin, says the day after Christmas is a big day for retailers. He says most retailers have a couple of objectives…

Cut 3 (12) “in the spring”

He says retailers need to make up for lost sales, if they had a sub par Christmas season, and make room for new merchandise that will arrive in the spring. Babin says you can still find great deals on electronics…

cut 4  (10)  “discounts on now”

He says with the day after Christmas falling on a Friday this year, this is a potentially big weekend for retailers. Babin says the true post-Christmas shopper knows where to find the best deal…

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With the holiday spirit in full swing folks have plenty of reason to raise their glass in happy toasts, but with that celebration comes a note of caution. Michele Many, a clinical social worker with the LSU Department of Psychiatry says alcohol can contribute to seasonal blues…:

Cut 6 (13)  “and emotionally”

Many says lots of family and friends are still celebrating together on this day after Christmas and it’s perfectly fine to “get away” from the festivities if you’re feeling overwhelmed…:

CUT 7 (10)  “very helpful”

Many says today is a day that many people feel they didn’t do enough for Christmas but don’t be too hard on yourself. She says don’t be afraid to take a break from it all..:

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In response to a comment made by Opelousas State Senator Elbert Guillory in which he called Representative Ted James a Chihuahua, the Baton Rouge lawmaker decided to create a feign caucus named for the dog. The incident happened on The Jim Engster Show. James said he’s passed out about 20 chihuahua pins but, to be clear, it’s not an official caucus…:

Cut 9 (12)  “get out of me”

Guillory called James a Chihuahua twice during a joint interview when discussing the Opelousas lawmaker’s video attacking Mary Landrieu during the US Senate race. James did not appreciate the ads. He says the name calling gives elected officials a bad image which is why he wanted to make light of the matter with the chihuahua caucus…:

Cut 10 (14) “that one got” 

James says members of the Chihuahua caucus simply wore their dog pins for the Louisiana Legislature’s annual holiday party…:

cut 11 (15) “light out of it”


The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs take the field this afternoon to take on the University of Illinois in the Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl. This is Tech’s first bowl appearance since the 2011 Poinsettia Bowl. Head Coach Skip Holtz says his team is focused for today’s game…

cut 12 (09)  “month of December”

The Illini come into the contest with a 6-6 record after finishing their schedule with two big wins over Penn State and Northwestern. The Bulldogs are 8-5 and coming off a heartbreaking loss to Marshall in the Conference USA championship game. Holtz says this game is about Tech playing up to their potential…

Cut 13 (10)  “where they may”

Kickoff is scheduled for 12 noon and can be seen on ESPN. This is the final collegiate game for senior quarterback Cody Sokol. He feels the Bulldogs are ready for today’s matchup. Sokol says this football team has done a great job this season responding to losses…

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