AM LRN Newscall November 5th

Louisiana’s US Senate race is headed to a run-off, with political observers labeling Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu as the underdog. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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A run-off is needed in the US Senate race between Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Challenger Bill Cassidy. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The Kissing Congressman, Vance McAllister, will no longer serve the 5th District in Washington D.C. It’ll be between family physician Dr. Ralph Abraham or Democratic Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo. Michelle Southern reports…:

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Louisiana’s US Senate race is heading to a December runoff.  In yesterday’s primary election Democrat incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu garnered 42-percent of the vote followed by Republican challenger Bill Cassidy with 41-percent.  Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the fact that Landrieu got less than 45-percent of the vote is not good news for her…

Cut 4  (05)  “her look vulnerable”

Pinsonat says these results show that Landrieu has a real uphill battle going into the runoff.  He says things are looking pretty grim for the incumbent…

Cut 5  (08)  “from last night”

He says there’s no way to predict what will happen in the next month that could sway the election.  Pinsonat says Cassidy just needs to stay the course leading up to the runoff…

Cut 6 (10)  “he should win”


As expected Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy are heading into a run-off and both candidates like their chances on December sixth. Landrieu, who was critical of Cassidy for not participating in more debates prior to yesterday’s election, issued a challenge of six debates before the next election

CUT 7 (11)  “tonight”

Cassidy says the issues between himself and Landrieu are clear and Louisiana voters are seeking a change…

Cut 8 (11)   “Obamacare”

Cassidy also says Landrieu is a Washington D-C senator, not a Louisiana Senator…

Cut 9 (12)  “of the time” 

But Landrieu says President Obama will not be on the ballot December sixth, she says this race should focus on who’s best for Louisiana’s future…

Cut 10 (14)  “from the voters”


Vance McAllister, the so-called Kissing Congressman, finished 4th in last night’s 5th District Congressional primary and will not return to Washington D.C. Pollster Darrell Glascock says that’s not a surprise…: (Jamie Mayo had 28% of the vote, Abraham had 23% and and Dasher had 22%.)

cut 11 (11)  “caught him”

The two candidates that made it to the December 6th runoff in the 5th District were family physician Ralph Abraham and Democratic Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo. Abraham barely beat out Duck Dynasty family member Zach Dasher for the runoff spot. Glascock says if the Dasher campaign had a couple more days, the results may have been different

cut 12 (13)  “holding Jamie down”

Glascock says the Democrats deserve a lot of credit, because they got out and voted for their candidate. He says come December, Mayo is seen as a heavy underdog, but anything is possible as turnouts for runoffs are traditionally low…:

Cut 13 (13)  “win this thing”


Former governor Edwin Edwards won the sixth district congressional primary as he received 30-percent of the vote  and he’ll face republican Garret Graves in the run-off. LSU political science professor Robert Hogan says it’s not a surprise to see Edwards advance to the run-off…

Cut 14 (10)  “name recognition”

Graves received 27-percent of the vote in the primary, beating out several republicans for that second run-off spot. Hogan says Governor Jindal’s former coastal advisor has run a strong campaign

Cut 15  (08)  “here”

Hogan says Graves goes into this run-off as a slight favorite, because of the voter make-up of the sixth distrct…

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LSU is a six and a half point underdog heading into Saturday’s game Alabama. But junior cornerback Jalen Collins says the Tigers have all the confidence in the world they can get a win over the Crimson Tide

Cut 17  (16)   “feeling great”

LSU is expected to run the football, but the Crimson Tide is allowing just 78 yards a game on the ground. Senior Center Elliot Porter expects a hard fought battle in the trenches….

Cut 18 (17) “come with it”

The Ragin Cajuns will take a four-game winning streak to New Mexico State where they’ll face the two and seven Aggies. U-L Lafayette Coach Mark Hudspeth says the play of the offensive line is one reason for its recent success…

Cut 19 (19)   “nice job”

Hudspeth says even though New Mexico State has lost their last seven, they are still a quality football team….

Cut 20 (20)  “a lot of breaks”

PM-Newscall November 4th, 2014

The man accused of killing two teenage girls and injuring a third in Breaux Bridge last week remains hospitalized in guarded condition and has only told detectives a few details about the fatal wreck. Eric Gill reports…

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Over one-million Louisiana residents are expected to vote today. Jeff Palermo has more…

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The man accused of killing two teenage girls and injuring a third in Breaux Bridge last week remains hospitalized in guarded condition and has only told detectives a few details about the fatal wreck. Master Trooper Brooks David says 32-year-old Jeremy Abraham has yet to be charged in the incident…

CUT 3 (11)  “on those charges”

Abraham faces several charges including two counts of vehicular homicide. There are unconfirmed reports that Abraham, an army veteran who served in Iraq and Kuwait, may have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. David says Abraham will still face the charges against him whether or not he is diagnosed with PTSD…

CUT 4 (08)  “does have that”

The crash claimed the lives of 15-year-old Cornasha Flugence and 14-year-old Kylee Henry. 13-year-old Niya Flugence remains hospitalized in fair condition. David says they are still waiting on toxicology results to see if Abraham was impaired at the time of the crash…

CUT 5 (10)  “we’ll know more”


The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested the niece of a Sulpher woman found dead in her home with second degree murder. Commander James McGee says after a three month investigation they have arrested 54-year-old Sarah Parker in the death of 66-year-old Pamela Parker…

CUT 6 (04)  “arrests to follow”

McGee says more arrests are expected in this case. He describes the victim as a retired nurse with a big heart who would let narcotics users stay in a shed on her property. Sarah called 9-1-1 in July to report the death of her aunt. McGee says, during the investigation, it became evident there was more to the story…

CUT 7 (09) “in this homicide”

He says detectives are continuing their investigation and need to interview more people about this incident. McGee says they can’t release all the information about this case because there are some things only the people involved in this incident would know…

CUT 8 (04) “in this case”


Polling places are seeing a steady stream of voters on this Election Day. Some voters we spoke with, said today is the day their voices get heard

CUT 9 (13)  “put em there”

Secretary of State Tom Schedler has predicted a voter turnout just above 50-percent. These voters we spoke with were excited to cast their ballot….

CUT 10 (11)   “that’s why”

The US Senate race is the marquee item on the ballot. Democrat Mary Landrieu is seeking a fourth term. There are some who believe it’s time for a change, while others back Landrieu

CUT 11 (14)  “support her


When you enter the booth today, Secretary of State Tom Schedler is reminding voters that there is a time limit to cast your ballot so lines can keep moving. He says according to state law, you only have three minutes to make your selections…:

CUT 12 (13) “rush it along”

Scheduler says they don’t really enforce the three minute limit, but he likes to remind voters that at three minutes an hour is 20 voters per hour…:

CUT  13 (09) “dilemma we have”

Schedler says his office handles various issues throughout election day such as a broken machine or someone confused about where they are supposed to vote. He says you can call 1-800-883-2805 if you have issues but he urges you to talk to the commissioner in charge at your precinct first…:

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AM-Newscall November 4, 2014

Polls are open across the state for today’s election. Scott Carwile reports…

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Political observers say you can count on a runoff in the US Senate race after today. Jeff Palermo reports.

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According to the state department of education, 44-percent of voucher students reached a “basic” achievement level on standardized tests last year. Michelle Southern reports..

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Polls are open across the state for today’s election. Polls opened at 6AM and will remain open until 8PM. Secretary of State Tom Schedler expects polling places to be busy today…

Cut 4  (07)  “people voting”

He says if you can hit the polls sometime in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon you may have a little shorter wait time to cast your ballot. Schedler says one way to help speed things along is to study the ballot, especially those 14 Constitutional Amendments, at geauxvote-dot com…

Cut 5  (11)  “you vote no”

Schedler says, as you head to the polls, don’t forget to bring your official ID. He still predicts voter turnout for today’s election to be in the neighborhood of 53-percent…

Cut 6 (10)  “misjudged it”


Election Day is underway and political observers believe there will be a runoff in Louisiana’s US Senate race. Analyst Clancy Dubos says, as with anything on the ballot, it’ll all come down to voter turnout…:

CUT 7 (12)  “vote early”

Dubos says the three main candidates, US Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Bill Cassidy and Retired Air Force Col Rob Maness, are working hard to get out their vote. Most polls show Landrieu winning in the primary but losing in the runoff, Dubos says a good night for Landrieu would be…

Cut 8 (11)   “tough time”

Dubos says if the race goes to a December 6th runoff, it turns into a completely different election…:

Cut 9 (11)  “who vote today” 


Voters in the fifth and sixth congressional districts will choose from a large number of candidates to represent them in the US House. Former Congressman and four-term governor Edwin Edwards has the highest name recognition in the sixth district and LSU political science professor Robert Hogan says Edwards has the best shot at making the run-off out of the 12-person race…

Cut 10 (11)  “to the runoff”

Hogan says it’s hard to say which republican will be the run-off against Edwards. Dan Claitor, Paul Dietzel, Garret Graves, Craig McCullouch and Lenar Whitney have been the most active and Hogan says they represent different segments of the G-O-P….

cut 11 (11)  “experience”

In the fifth district, ULM political science professor Joshua Stockley says republican incumbent Vance McAllister is in a fight to make the runoff. Stockley says some of the polls have Doctor Ralph Abraham, a physician from Mangham, leading the way in today’s primary

cut 12 (08)  “for his money”

Stockley says since Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo is the only democrat in the race, he has the best chance to make the runoff. But who will face him is tough to say. He says Zach Dasher, a  from pharmaceutical salesman from Calhoun has a lot of momentum heading into election day

Cut 13 (06)  “his behalf”


According to the state department of education, 44-percent of voucher students reached a “basic” achievement level on standardized tests last year. That’s up from 42-percent the year before. Ann Duplessis, President of the Louisiana Federation for Children says these numbers are encouraging considering these students had previously been in C, D and F schools…:

Cut 14 (11)  “very good”

Duplessis says for many of these voucher students, it’s the first time they’ve ever been in such a learning environment so we should consider the numbers and the growth encouraging. Plus she says the 44-percent figure is just an average..:

Cut 15  (14)  “number”

The Louisiana DOE also says 23 of the 125 participating voucher schools did not perform well enough to accept new voucher students next year. Overall Duplessis says they are thrilled with the numbers because it shows there is a good accountability program in place that is working:

Cut 16  (10)   “and smart”


Bama week has arrived for the 14th ranked LSU Tigers as they host the 4th ranked Crimson Tide. Coach Les Miles is 5-and-5 against Alabama during his time at LSU and during his Monday gathering with reporters, he talked about what this rivalry means…

Cut 17  (20)   “competing in”

Alabama will arrive in Death Valley on Saturday night with a seven and one record. They once again have one of the top defenses in the Southeastern Conference and on offense they feature Amari Cooper, who leads the SEC in receiving yards. Miles says Coooper has great speed and size…

Cut 18 (15) “talented man”

This is the ninth time Miles has matched up with Alabama Coach Nick Saban. The mad hatter says it’s enjoyable to face the style of program led by Saban

Cut 19 (17)   “talented coach”



PM LRN Newscall November 3rd

In addition to the US Senate and Congressional races, Tuesday’s ballot features 14 Constitutional Amendments. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (29) “reporting”


Promoters announce the opening of Taylor Swift’s brand new “1989″ tour will kick off in Bossier City next year, then headline Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge. Michelle Southern reports.

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


In addition to the US Senate and Congressional races, Tuesday’s ballot features 14 Constitutional Amendments. Public Affairs Research Council President Robert Travis Scott says Amendment 1 protects the financial system that has been set up for nursing homes and care facilities, that are matched by Medicaid, to reimburse them for the care they give…

CUT 3 (09)  “this new amendment”

Scott says Amendment 2 would give hospitals in the state tax money, that they would be able to match with Medicaid dollars, to help compensate for the care they give to the uninsured…

CUT 4 (13)  “budget priorities”

Another amendment on the ballot deals with disabled veterans. Scott says Amendment 7 gives an extra homestead exemption for disabled veterans… (You can get more information on the amendments at parlouisiana-dot-org)

CUT 5 (12)  “all in there”


Site Selection magazine names Louisiana number two in the nation in it’s Top Business Climate list for 2014. Editor-In-Chief Mark Arend says the list is compiled based on a survey of corporate real estate executives and the magazine’s proprietary New Plant Database…

CUT 6 (12)  “this year”

Georgia ranked number one in this year’s list. Arend says a big reason for Louisiana ranking second is that it finished sixth in a separate survey of business executives…

CUT 7 (06) “very impressive”

Lousiana economic development officials say the state is set to enter an industrial boom and Arend says their ranking reflects that…

CUT 8 (09) “going on there”


State Police report a single vehicle crash in Assumption Parish has claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy. Trooper Evan Harrell says the wreck happened last night when a vehicle, driven by 22-year-old Toniska Willoughby of Napoleonville, went off the road into a ditch and struck a culvert…

CUT 9 (5)  “a child seat”

4-year-old Cason Willoughby was pronounced dead at the scene. His aunt was the driver and she suffered moderate injuries. Harrell says Toniska will be found at-fault in the crash…

CUT 10 (08)  “crime lab”

Harrell says their investigation revealed that Cason was sitting in the front seat using only the lap portion of the seat belt for restraint. He says this is another tragic reminder to follow safety procedures when children are in a motor vehicle…

CUT 11 (12)  “12-years-old


Louisiana got some big celebrity news today as promoters announce the opening of Taylor Swift’s brand new “1989″ tour will kick off in Bossier City next year, then headline Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge. The Century Link Center show will be May 20th, then Swift plays the May 22nd Friday night show in Tiger Stadium. Visit Baton Rouge President Paul Arrigo…:

CUT 12 (11) “years ago”

The seven-time Grammy Award winning artist will also be making stops in Europe, Australia and Asia in 2015. Arrigo says it’s huge that she’s making her first two stops in Louisiana…:

CUT  13 (04) “probably”

Tickets for the North American leg of Swift’s tour will go on sale to the general public on November 14th. Arrigo says Louisiana gets huge acts like this because the Lt. Governor’s Office and the different CVB’s throughout the state have done a good job labeling The Bayou State as a travel destination…:

cut 14 (06) “2015″

LRN AM Newscall November 3rd

A University of New Orleans Survey Research Center poll shows that a majority of respondents feel the state is moving in the wrong direction. Scott Carwile reports…

CUT 1 (31) “reporting”


The state education department decides students will take the Common Core tests next spring on paper, instead of on a computer. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 2 (28) “reporting”


For many motorists their afternoon commute could be the dark as the end of daylight savings time means the sun will go down just after five o’ clock. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 3 (27) “reporting”


A University of New Orleans Survey Research Center poll of nearly 600 registered Louisiana voters shows that a majority of respondents feel the state is moving in the wrong direction. 52-percent disapproved when asked about the current direction of the state. UNO political science professor Ed Chervenak says people are unhappy regardless of race, gender, or party affiliation…

Cut 4  (07)  “of the state”

Respondents were given the opportunity to provide a “free response” as to what they thought was the biggest problem facing the state. Chervenak says the number one response was education…

Cut 5  (07)  “with Common Core”

Chervenak says this poll also shows Louisiana residents are not happy with Governor Bobby Jindal’s job performance. He says 53-percent of voters disapprove of what the governor is doing…

Cut 6 (05)  “national campaign”


The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is asking motorists to be more alert now that Daylight Savings Time is over and it will get dark much earlier. Spokesperson Elaine Rougeau says the chance of an accident increases as darkness falls earlier…

CUT 7 (07)  “travel environment”

Rougeau says there are no hard statistics that show there’s an increase in accidents in the days following a time change, but highway safety officials do see more accidents at night

Cut 8 (06)   “falls earlier”

Rougeau says fatigue from drivers is another concern with the time change…

Cut 9 (08)  “to adjust” 


Third through eighth grade students in public schools will take Common Core exams next spring on paper, instead of on a computer as originally planned.  State Education Superintendent John White says this decision was made so that teachers can concentrate on making sure students are prepared for the more rigorous tests…

Cut 10 (06)  “issues later”

About 300-thousand students will take the Common  Core tests in March and there’s a second session in May. It replaces the LEAP and I-Leap exams. White says even though they will use a paper exam in 2015, the substance of test will not change

cut 11 (12)  “think independently”

There have been concerns some schools are not equipped to handle computerized testing. White says most schools have made the necessary technology upgrades, but after talking with teachers, he thought it was best to go with a paper-and-pencil exam for the first year

cut 12 (09)  “student achievement”


The Ragin Cajuns and Louisiana Tech are still undefeated in conference play in their respective leagues after winning homecoming match-ups on Saturday. U-L Lafayette beat South Alabama 19-to-9 to improve to 4-0 in the Sun Belt. The Cajuns were led offensively by Elijah McGuire who had 90 yards receiving and 116 yards rushing and a touchdown. Coach Mark Hudspeth had high praise for McGuire after the game…

Cut 13 (13)  “football games”

The Cajuns did not allow any points in the 2nd half and they held the Jaguars to 66 yards rushing. South Alabama was also just 4-of-15 on third downs. Hudspeth says it was an impressive performance by the defense

Cut 14 (11)  “big hits”


Louisiana Tech is now 5-0 in Conference USA after a 59-10 win over Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers came into the game as one of the highest scoring teams in the country. Bulldogs Coach Skip Holtz says the gameplan coming into the game was to beat em in a shootout…

Cut 15  (11)  “high scoring game”

It turns out the Bulldogs didn’t have to score many points as they gave up just one first quarter touchdown to Western Kentucky. Holtz saw his defense hold the Hilltoppers to less than 300 yards of total offense and they forced five turnovers…

Cut 16  (20)   “all of the above”


PM LRN Newscall October 31st

A new Glascock Group survey reveals some good news for Republican candidate Garret Graves in the 6th District Congressional race. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (28) “reporting”


The driver of the pickup truck that slammed into three Breaux Bridge girls who were on their way to school is facing vehicular homicide charges. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


A new Glascock Group survey of voters in the 6th Congressional District shows Republican candidate Garret Graves moving into the second spot. The poll shows Graves the leading Republican with 22-percent, trailing Democrat Edwin Edwards with 34-percent. Pollster Darrell Glascock says it appears momentum is on Graves’ side…

CUT 3 (08)  “Dietzel and Graves”

Fellow Republican candidate Paul Dietzel narrowly trails Graves in the poll with 19-percent. Glascock predicts Edwards to be a lock for a spot in the December runoff, with Dietzel and Graves battling for that second spot. Glascock says this poll shows there may be hope for Edwards in a runoff…

CUT 4 (09)  “over 47″

Glascock admits that, while this poll shows hope for Edwards, it’s still a longshot that he’ll win the runoff. He says as we approach the Tuesday election, it appears that name recognition is very important…

CUT 5 (05)  “at this point”


State Police announced today that the driver who struck and killed two girls in Breaux Bridge yesterday will be charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. Lt. J-B Slaton says 32-year-old Jeremy Abraham was traveling at a high rate of speed when his pick-up truck collided with the victims

CUT 6 (10)  “occurred”

A 15-year-old and 14-year-old were killed, while 13-year-old Niya Flugence is in stable condition at a Baton Rouge hospital.  Abraham is still in a Lafayette hospital being treated for injuries. Slaton says a blood sample was taken from him to see if he was impaired when the crash occurred

CUT 7 (10) “Abraham’s system”

Slaton says the three girls who were hit by Abraham’s vehicle were on their way to school. He says they’ve determined that Abraham was driving twice the speed limit…

CUT 8 (05) “the investigation”


The Office of Motor Vehicles will begin a “Senior Day” pilot program Saturday at various OMV offices in the state. Sgt. Nick Manale says this program is designed for senior citizens aged 60 and older…

CUT 9 (12)  “wait times, altogether”

Manale says the goal of the program is to alleviate the wait seniors face at the OMV during the typical weekday. Select OMV offices will be open Saturday from 8AM until 12 Noon. Initially, “Senior Day” will occur one Saturday a month for the next six months. Manale says “Senior Day” participants will be able to take advantage of various OMV services…

CUT 10 (10)  “wait for”

A list of locations is available on the OMV website. Manale says feedback is encouraged and they will be closely monitoring the success of the “Senior Day” program…

CUT 11 (06)  “locations, also


A 16-year-old student from Sam Houston High School in Lake Charles is dead after he fell off the roof of an S-U-V. Commander James McGee, with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s office, says Kaleb Franks and another teen were sitting on top of the S-U-V, with their feet on the inside of an open sunroof, when the driver made a quick jerking motion with the steering wheel

CUT 12 (09) “head injuries”

McGee says Franks fell after the driver made a quick jerking motion with the steering wheel. He was taken to a local hospital with head injuries and pronounced dead on Thursday night. He says the driver was 15-year-old and an unlicensed  driver…

CUT  13 (09) “the investigation”

The S-U-V belonged to one of the male’s parents. McGee says based on their investigation the teens were goofing around and unfortunately it led to a child’s death…

cut 14 (06) “they would”

AM LRN Newscall

It looks like the coldest weather, so far, this fall will hit Louisiana this weekend. Scott Carwile reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


A University of New Orleans political survey shows one-in-five voters are undecided about the US Senate race. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 2 (30) “reporting”


A vigil took place last night for the three girls that were struck by a pick-up truck on their way to school Thursday morning. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 3 (30) “reporting”


State Police say charges are pending against the driver of the truck who struck and killed two teenage girls, who were walking to school in Breaux Bridge Thursday morning. The driver has been identified as 32-year-old Jeremy Abraham of Breaux Bridge and the mayor of the town, Jack Delhomme, is upset this would happen in his city…

Cut 4  (11)  “are decease d”

A third victim, a 13-year-old girl, has serious injuries and is in a Baton Rouge hospital. The driver of the truck is also hospitalized in Lafayette. State Police say Abraham may have been impaired. Delhomme says it’s a tragic situation

Cut 5  (09)  “ran over em”

Delhomme says two of the victims were walking to the middle school, to catch a bus to Breaux Bridge High School….

Cut 6 (11)  “on em”


It looks like the coldest weather, so far, this fall will hit Louisiana this weekend. CS Ross, with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, says a cold front is moving through the Bayou State today…

CUT 7 (11)  “reporting frost”

He says overnight lows this weekend could dip into the thirties in some sections of the state. Ross says the cooler air mass coming with the cold front could produce the first frost of the season in some portions of the state. Ross says these cooler temperatures are coming in a little ahead of schedule…

Cut 8 (08)   “northern Louisiana”

Ross says afternoon highs should be in the sixties across Louisiana Saturday and Sunday. He suggests you enjoy the nice jacket weather while you can…

Cut 9 (05)  “of the week” 


A new poll on the US Senate race conducted by the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center shows 21-percent of the voters are undecided heading into the November fourth election. UNO political science professor Ed Chervenak says it’s a sign voters are not happy with the two main candidates, Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican challenger Bill Cassidy…

Cut 10 (09)  “or not”

Chervenak says the telephone poll of nearly six-hundred registered voters in Louisiana shows Landrieu winning the November primary over Cassidy and Rob Maness, but losing to Cassidy in the December runoff

cut 11 (09)  “on top”

Chervenak says his poll also shows that attitudes towards President Obama and the health care law he helped create are influencing voter preference…

cut 12 (10)  “affordable care act”


Louisiana State Police will phase out additional patrols in the French Quarter following the Halloween weekend. The one hundred additional troopers have been assisting with patrols following a mass shooting on Bourbon Street in June. Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson says the phase out is really a result of economics…

Cut 13 (10)  “these troopers”

Edmonson says his budget hasn’t changed in the four months since the additional patrols began and it’s time to redeploy those troopers. Edmonson says those additional patrols have been busy in the Quarter…

Cut 14 (12)  “1500 charges”

State Police will continue assist in the French Quarter during holidays and major events. Edmonson says, on a daily basis, 44 troopers are working in New Orleans and this is not a sign that State Police is abandoning the Big Easy…

Cut 15  (10)  “to be successful”


It’s homecoming weekend on the campus of U-L Lafayette and Louisiana Tech. The Ragin Cajuns, who are undefeated in the Sun Belt, will face conference rival South Alabama, who has just one loss in league play. Coach Mark Hudspeth says there’s a lot of great events around campus celebrating homecoming, but his players have to worry about the game

Cut 16  (20)   “ready to play”

The Cajuns lost 30 to 8 to South Alabama last year. But Hudspeth’s team enters this Saturday’s game on a roll as they’ve won three in a row

Cut 17  (19)   “being homecoming”

Louisiana Tech’s homecoming game against Western Kentucky will get underway at two o’ clock. The Hilltoppers are 1-and-3 in Conference USA play, but they are second in the league in scoring, averaging 46 points a game. Bulldogs defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is looking forward to the challenge

Cut 18 (14) “on Saturday”

Last week, the Bulldogs limited Southern Miss to negative 31 yards rushing. Diaz on the improvement of his front four…

Cut 19 (17)   “line of scrimmage”

PM LRN Newscall for october 30th

No major winners or losers in last night’s US Senate debate, according to one political journalist. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


A new study, by the advocacy group Oceana, shows a mislabeling of shrimp across the United States. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 2 (31) “reporting”


In last night’s US Senate debate, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu was on the receiving end of criticism from her two Republican challengers. The three debated issues like Medicaid expansion, immigration, and Social Security. Jeremy Alford of La-politics-dot-com says Bill Cassidy  may have benefited from Rob Maness attacks against Landrieu….

CUT 3 (07) “Rob Maness”

Last night’s televised debate was the final one before the November fourth election. Alford says it’s unlikely that any of the candidates won over a bunch of new voters, because their remarks were mostly scripted

CUT 4 (08)  “spontaneity”

Alford says the most intense part of the debate occurred when the candidates discussed the minimum age a person should be allowed to collect full benefits….

CUT 5 (07)  “both parties”


A new study, by the advocacy group Oceana, shows a misrepresentation of shrimp across the United States. The report used DNA testing to examine 143 shrimp products and found that 30-percent were falsely labeled in 111 grocery stores and restaurants. Louisiana Shrimp Association President Clint Guidry says that 90% of the shrimp eaten in the US is imported…

CUT 6 (11)  “imported shrimp”

The most common substitution in the study was farmed whiteleg shrimp being sold as “wild” and “Gulf” shrimp. Guidry says there are laws requiring “Country of Origin” labeling of seafood products for stores, but the laws do not extend down to the restaurant level. He says there are loopholes in the law…

CUT 7 (14) “labeling law”

Guidry says it is frustrating that so much shrimp and other seafood is mislabeled. He says the government needs to take action on this issue…

CUT 8 (09) “on the books”


Two children were killed and a third child was seriously injured while walking to school this morning in the St. Martin Parish town of Breaux Bridge. State Police trooper Jared Sandifer says for an unknown reason a vehicle ran off the road, striking three children who were on their way to school….

CUT 9 (07)  “here in Baton Rouge”

The deadly crash took place on a residential street in Breaux Bridge at around 8:00 this morning. Sandifer says it was a pick-up truck that hit the children and they are not sure what happened…

CUT 10 (12)  “into custody”

Sandifer says one of the children was pronounced dead at the scene, the other on the way to the hospital. The child who survived the wreck, was airlifted to a hospital in Baton Rouge. He says investigation is ongoing and impairment is suspected on the driver’s part…

CUT 11 (09) “this situation


There’s plenty to do in the Bayou State with this being Halloween weekend. Jacques Berry with the Lt. Governor’s office, says Louisiana is becoming more and more of a Halloween destination. Berry says there’s plenty of Haunted Houses to visit. He says 13th Gate in Baton Rouge is ranked as one of the nation’s best….

CUT 12 (09) “for those”

Berry says if Haunted Houses are not your thing, then one of the most popular music festivals takes place this weekend at New Orleans’ City Park. He says headliners of this year’s Voodoo Fest are Foo Fighters, Outkast and Artic Monkeys

CUT  13 (08) “Halloween weekend”

And what’s a holiday weekend in Louisiana without parades. Berry says Krewe of Boo rolls tonight in New Orleans…

cut 14 (10) “every year”


AM-Newscall October 30th, 2014

The final televised US Senate debate before the November fourth election saw the three main candidates taking shots at each other. Michelle Southern reports.

CUT 1 (28) “reporting”


With kids hitting the streets tomorrow night for trick-or-treating, State Police urge concerned parents to find accurate information regarding the presence of sex offenders and predators in their neighborhoods.  Scott Carwile has more…

Cut 2 (29) “reporting”


The Department of Health and Hospitals says the state has banned another compound that is used in synthetic marijuana. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 3 (31) “reporting”


The final televised US Senate debate before the November fourth election saw the three main candidates taking shots at each other. US Senator Mary Landrieu continued to tout her clout in Congress but Retired Air Force Col Rob Maness was prepared for that argument…:

Cut 4  (11)  “breaking the law”

Landrieu says the biggest difference between she and Congressman Bill Cassidy is their stance on retirement. The incumbent says Cassidy has voted four times to raise the social security age to 70 and he said it will not hurt anyone….

Cut 5  (16)  “get nothing back”

Cassidy also dismissed Landrieu’s claim that her seniority is good for Louisiana…:

Cut 6 (13)  “she’s not very powerful”


With kids hitting the streets tomorrow night for trick-or-treating, State Police urge concerned parents to find accurate information regarding the presence of sex offenders and predators in their neighborhoods.  Sgt. Nick Manale says you can find this information online at lsp-dot-org…

CUT 7 (12)  “avoid that house”

Their online Sex Offender Registry link provides parish by parish information on registered sex offenders in communities and neighborhoods.  You can also sign up to be automatically notified if a sex offender moves within a specified location of your residence.  Manale says Louisiana law prohibits sex offenders from engaging in any type of Halloween activity…

Cut 8 (08)   “around children”

Manale asks that everyone keep safety in mind this Halloween.  He encourages drivers to be especially careful considering the increase in pedestrian traffic expected tomorrow night…

Cut 9 (12)  “of that child” 


The Department of Health and Hospitals says the state has banned another compound that is used in synthetic marijuana. They say the designer drug, sold under the names “Mojo” and “Spice,” has been blamed for the hospitalization of more than 125 residents in the Baton Rouge area since October 3rd. Louisiana Poison Control Director Mark Ryan:

Cut 10 (12)  “just yet”

Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a statement that law enforcement in Louisiana will stop at nothing to protect the people here and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who is selling these drugs. Ryan says “MAB-CHMINACA” is a very new drug that’s putting some users in the intensive care unit. He says they are finding it in various places:

cut 11 (10)  “vapor shots”

Ryan says these synthetic drugs are in no way natural or safe and they are specifically designed to be abused…:

cut 12 (09)  “pay the price”


With mid-term elections days away, a survey of small business owners shows a lack of confidence that Washington D.C. will be able to fix the countries economic problems. State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business Dawn Starns says 6/10 small business owners believe there is too much uncertainty in the economy for their business to grow…:

Cut 13 (09)  “the backbone”

Starns says the survey also found that the smaller businesses were the most pessimistic. She says 76% of small business owners expect that either politics are policies will make things worse for them…:

Cut 14 (11)  “main problem”

Starns says almost all candidates running claim to care about small business but there’s a clear sense among small business owners that Washington isn’t listening to their needs…:

Cut 15  (10)  “environment”


The Saints will look to repeat their terrific performance against the Packers when they visit NFC South rival Carolina tonight. Last Sunday, Quarterback Drew Brees threw for 311 yards and three touchdowns, while running back Mark Ingram rushed for a career-high 172 in a 44-23 win over Green Bay. Brees says Ingram’s strong game opened up plays for the passing attack

Cut 16  (20)   “those matchups”

The Saints have had trouble winning on the road. New Orleans last regular season road victory came against Atlanta on November 21st. But Brees says there’s confidence they can get the job done tonight

Cut 17  (12)   “our game”

A win for the Saints and they can move into first place in the NFC South. The Panthers have failed to win their last three games, but they should get a boost with the return of running back DeAngelo Williams, who has missed the last six games because of injuries. Defensive End Cam Jordan on the challenges Williams brings to the defense

Cut 18 (14) “about us”



PM LRN Newscall 10/29

According to statistics released this morning, over 236,000 registered voters took advantage of early voting. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (31) “reporting”


A sports information and wearable technology company has developed a mouth guard with a chip that logs information about how hard a football player is hit and LSU is the only college using them this year. Michelle Southern reports.

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


According to statistics released this morning, over 236,000 registered voters took advantage of the early voting period that ended yesterday. Secretary of State Tom Schedler says the final day saw 47,000 casting an early ballot…

CUT 3 (07) “what that means”

Statistics show Orleans led the way with over 23,000 early voters followed by East Baton Rouge Parish with over 22,000 participating. Schedler says this year’s totals are short of the 356,000 early voters that turned out for the 2012 election…

CUT 4 (08)  “voter turnout”

The 2012 Presidential election had a 68-percent voter turnout. Schedler had predicted a 45 to 50-percent voter turnout for Tuesday’s election, based on historical data. Now that he has figures for this year’s early voting, he thinks turnout could go up to 54-percent. Schedler hopes voters prove his prediction wrong on November 4th…

CUT 5 (06)  “for the country”


Weekend temperatures across the state are expected to be the coolest so far this season. A cold front is moving across the state today, but Chris Nuttall, with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, says not to expect cooler temperatures just yet…

CUT 6 (10)  “during the weekend”

A second cold front will bring cooler air and temperatures will begin to drop. Friday night overnight lows are expected to drop into the 40s across most of the state, with some locations possibly having lows in the 30s. Saturday, afternoon highs will be in the 60s statewide. Nuttall says these temps are unusually low…

CUT 7 (06) “below normal”

Nuttall says to enjoy the cooler temperatures while they last…

CUT 8 (07) “into the seventies”


A sports information and wearable technology company has developed a mouth guard with a chip that logs information about how hard a football player is hit and LSU is the only college using them this year. i1 (eye-one) Biometrics CEO Jesse Harper says not only does the chip log the intensity of the impact, but also where they were hit…:

CUT 9 (13)  “and check on him”

Harper says the data can show the severity and location of impact which can assist in proper decision making by the training staff should they decide to remove the player from the field of play for further medical evaluation. Harper says they are working to make the sport of football safer for players…:

CUT 10 (08)  “these players are taking”

Harper says this technology can also measure things like the difference in head impacts on turf versus grass. He says about 30 LSU players have been using this mouth guard since practice began this year and the feedback from the trainers has been phenomenal…:

CUT 11 (11) “like we wanted


Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz has endorsed Calhoun Republican Zach Dasher in Louisiana’s 5th District Congressional race. Cruz, who is considering a presidential run in 2016, is a favorite among the tea party movement. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says this is a significant endorsement for Dasher…

CUT 12 (11) “has received”

A recent poll by the Glascock Group shows Dasher gaining ground with a week to go until election day. Stockley says you don’t need a poll to know that Dasher is a strong contender in this election…

CUT  13 (06) “in the runoff”

Stockley says the endorsement from Cruz and the support Dasher has from the “Duck Dynasty” family has given him momentum going into November 4th. Stockley says this is a last minute attempt for Dasher to rally Republican voters to his side…

cut 14 (05) “trying to do”