2:30 LRN Newscast Sept 09

This may come as no surprise, but Louisiana is the most overpriced of states for cost of flood insurance. An independent study by First Street made the conclusion. District 6 Congressman Garret Graves says he’s seen some premiums go from $560 annually to $8,000. He says attempts to jack up flood insurance were attempted under Presidents Obama and Trump…:

CUT 13(08)      “…they’ve refused.”

The movie Lifemark is being released nationwide in theaters this weekend. It tells the story of Metairie native David Scotton, whose birth mother changed her mind on the abortion table and gave him up for adoption. David’s adoptive mother Susan says she’s amazed the story is now a movie…:

CUT 04(08)      “…chose us.”


A teenage carjacker was shot and killed Thursday night, after he fired on Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies trying to arrest him. The incident happened very near the Jefferson/Orleans parish line in Algiers. The suspect is not identified because he is only 16. No officers were hurt in the gunfire.

The Saints kick-off the season on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. NFL analyst Mike Detillier says a key for the Saints this season is to run the football better. He says New Orleans averaged less than four yards a carry…:

CUT 11(11)      “…have to.”

Kickoff against the Dirty Birds is Sunday at noon.

Southern and LSU meet tomorrow in an historic football matchup, but to leaders of the two schools, it’s much more than a game. It’s a chance to bridge historic racial, cultural, and academic divides. That game kicks off at 6:30 tomorrow night in Tiger Stadium.

9:30 LRN Newscast Sept 08

New & improved COVID booster shots will soon be available most everywhere, and state health officials urge you to get yours. Department of Health Deputy Director Glennis Gray says the booster gives ongoing protection from the original COVID, plus increased effectiveness against the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants going around now. She says the new booster is especially important if you have recently gotten over COVID…:

CUT 09  (09)        “…your booster.”

Call ahead to assure your health care provider has the new booster shots.

Shreveport Congressman Mike Johnson is up-in-arms over a new animated series on the FX cable channel that depicts the life of Satan and his teen daughter, the Anti-Christ. The show called “Little Demon” is a comedy, but Johnson calls it “pure evil”. Johnson saw a promo while watching last Sunday’s LSU-Florida state game. So far FX and Disney, its parent company, have had no comment.


A new poll of New Orleans voters shows over half want to see Mayor LaToya Cantrell removed from office…:

CUT 03(31)      “…Thorington.”

LSU plays Southern University’s football team for the very first time Saturday, and the game is sold out. LSU’s Verge Ausberry says this is the football Tigers’ first time playing a historically Black college…:

CUT 06(08)      “…players went.”

Kickoff is 6:30 Saturday.

8:30 LRN Newscast Sept 08

The state Department of Health is recommending the newest COVID boosters; formulated to offer protection from the Omicron variants…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Thorington.”

The Louisiana National Guard is holding a town hall meeting to discuss the renaming of Camp Beauregard. The name is changing due to its confederate roots. The meeting is tonight at 6 p.m. at the Camp Beauregard Post Theater, and is open to the public.


A Leonville man died early Wednesday morning, after his pickup truck careened into Bayou Teche, along state Highway 103. State Police Trooper Thomas Gossen says 59-year-old Philip Gilyard was able to phone for help, but when first responders arrived he was dead – presumably from drowning. Gossen says a blood sample was collected and the accident is still under investigation…:

CUT 14  (07)        “…after the crash.”

A new poll of New Orleans voters shows more than half feel Mayor LaToya Cantrell needs to be recalled. UNO political science professor Ed Chervenak conducted the poll, which he calls a “snapshot” of voter sentiment right now, but…:

CUT 11  (09)        “…circumstances can change.”

The recall effort will need to gather 53-thousand signatures within 6 months. It’s collected over 3000 in under two weeks.

7:30 LRN Newscast Sept 08

This Saturday – for the first time ever – LSU and Southern University football teams will meet on the gridiron…and the game is sold out. More from Whitney Thomas…:

CUT 01(31)      “…Thomas.”

An Ascension Parish grand jury hands down an indictment for Louisiana rapper Mystikal, for rape, domestic abuse and more. He accused of holding woman captive in his home; raping and beating her. The 51-year-old New Orleans-born artist – real name Michael Tyler – spent six years in prison for a 2004 sexual assault in Baton Rouge.


A new poll on the recall effort against New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell shows over half of those surveyed say she needs to go. University of New Orleans political science professor Dr. Ed Chervenak conducted to poll. He says the results were mostly similar regardless of gender, party affiliation, or race…:

CUT 10(11)      “…direction of the city.”

Cantrell is under fire for rising crime, a police shortage, poor city services and living a “high-on-the-hog” lifestyle at taxpayer expense.

A St. Landry Parish man died Wednesday morning, when his pickup went into Bayou Teche, after running a stop sign. State Trooper Tom Gossen says 59-year-old Philip Gilyard survived for a short time in the water, because he was able to phone for help…:

CUT 13  (06)        “…the water.”

His body was found near the vehicle.

6:30 LRN Newscast Sept 08

A new poll of New Orleans voters shows over half want to see Mayor LaToya Cantrell removed from office. More from Brooke Thorington…:

CUT 03(31)      “…Thorington.”

Despite setbacks from the pandemic, Bossier parish schools report 66 students achieved perfect scores on at least one section of this year’s LEAP test. One student scored perfectly on all three sections of the test. School leaders credit the teachers and the students for their hard work.


The Louisiana Department of Health is recommending individuals who are 12 and older and fully vaccinated against COVID, get the newest booster that’s formulated for the Omicron variant. LDH Deputy Director Glennis Gray says this booster offers prolonged protection against the original strain of COVID…:

CUT 07(08)      “…and the BA.5.”

The updated booster should be widely available in the coming days.

LSU has announced Saturday night’s historic match-up against Southern University is a sell-out. LSU Executive Deputy Athletic Director Verge Ausberry says tickets for this first-ever football match-up between the two Baton Rouge schools are more in demand than the Alabama game in November…:

CUT 04(06)      “…it’d be good.”

Kickoff is 6:30 Saturday in Tiger Stadium.

4:30 LRN Newscast Sept 07

A former DCFS caseworker testifies before the senate health & Welfare Committee that the environment at the agency is “toxic.” Stacy McPherson was a caseworker and a foster parent. She says complaints and concerns of child safety were routinely ignored. She says if she voiced such worries, she faced retaliation…:

CUT 11(10)      “…and you just do it.”

Lawmakers want to get to the bottom of how kids under DCFS overwatch wound up abused or even dead.

Louisiana-based ASAP (formerly WAITR) says it’s offering NIL deals for any and all LSU athletes who want to promote the delivery app on their social media. ASAP’s Kevin Burke says they’re proud to expand their endeavors with LSU…:

CUT 13(10)      “…the NFL.”


The 9-8-8 suicide intervention hotline launched in mid-July received more than 1,400 calls in its first month in service. Brooke Thorington explains…:

CUT 01(33)      “…Thorington.”

An Ascension Parish grand jury hands down an indictment for Louisiana rapper Mystikal, for rape, domestic abuse and more. No trial date has been set. The 51-year-old New Orleans-born artist – real name Michael Tyler – spent six years in prison for a 2004 sexual assault in Baton Rouge.

3:30 LRN Newscast Sept 07

A former caseworker at the state Department of Children & Family Services says the environment there is “toxic.” Testifying before the Senate Health & Welfare Committee Tuesday, former Rapides Parish foster care worker Stacy McPherson says supervisors ignored repeated complaints…:

CUT 09(09)      “…is excrutiating.”

DCFS says more money and more hires will help, but offered lawmakers no plan to address problems with child safety. The committee plans more such meetings in the future.

State Police say a pre-dawn single car crash in St. Landry Parish took the life of a Leonville man. Troopers say 59-year-old Philip Gilyard’s pickup ran a stop sign at state Highway 103 and Church Road, and went right into Bayou Teche. He managed to call for help, but drowned before it could arrive. A blood sample was taken to see if impairment played a role in the crash.


In the first month that the 9-8-8 National Suicide Hotline was launched, the Louisiana crisis number center received more than 1,400 calls. And Dr. Robyn Thomas, Suicide Prevention Coordinator with the Department of Health says the response rate for answering local calls increased significantly…:

CUT 03(11)      “…connected to services.”

Next for the crisis hotline is to add even more counselors, and the more local hires they can make the better.

If you know someone who uses home health oxygen, alert them to the dangers of accidental explosions. Last weekend, a St. Martinville woman – a cigarette smoker – died in a fire that firefighters say started with a spark at her oxygen supply. State Fire Marshal’s spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue…:

CUT 06(07)      “…do so outside.”

2:30 LRN Newscast Sept 7

The state Fire Marshal’s office is calling for caution with the use of home medical oxygen tanks around anything flammable. This after a St. Martinville woman died last weekend in a house fire. She was a smoker, and also using oxygen. Fire Marshal’s spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says if someone in your home uses oxygen, keep it at least 5 feet away from anything that can make a spark…:

CUT 08  (11)        “…ignitable liquids.”

A former caseworker at the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services calls the environment within the state agency toxic. Stacey McPherson left her job as a Rapides foster care worker in July. She says supervisors failed to address repeated complaints and concerns…:

CUT 10(11)      “…from us.”

DCFS told state lawmakers more money and more employees will help, but offered no real plan of action to improve child safety.


The three-digit 988 suicide intervention phone number launched in mid-July received more than 1,400 calls in its first month

CUT 01(33)      “…Thorington.”

The head of the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners is among two people arrested on drugs and weapons charges, following a high speed chase down I-12 in Livingston Parish Tuesday night. 37-year-old Bridgette Hull was found in possession of fentanyl meth and illegal guns. Her boyfriend was also arrested.

2:30 LRN Newscast Sept 02

A south Louisiana man faces a life sentence after he was convicted of raping a teenager while the victim’s mother was tied up in a separate room. Jeff Palermo has more…:

CUT 01(31)      “…Palermo.”

State Police call off a Silver Alert for an elderly Monroe woman, after she was found safe and sound. 74-year-old Margie Browhow-Sherman went missing Monday night. She has medical issues which can impair her judgement. Again, she’s been found and is OK.


State Police in Troop B ask the public’s help solving a hit & run early this morning in Marrero, in Jefferson Parish, that left two people dead. Trooper First Class Kate Stegall says it happened on the elevated Westbank Expressway at about 3:30 am. She says a 2004 F-150 extended cab pickup drove up on the back of two people on a motor scooter, then just plowed them over. The victims are yet unidentified. The pickup driver is still out there and Stegall says that’s where the public can help…:

CUT 11(07)      “…grill and headlights”

If you can help call LSP at 504-471-2775.

So who will be starting quarterback when LSU opens its season Sunday in the Superdome against Florida State? Tiger Rag Magazine’s William Weathers says bet on Jayden Daniels, due to his 29 starts versus Garrett Nussemier’s 4. He says the latter is still expected to get plenty of play this season…:

CUT 14(05)      “…his chance.”

Kickoff is Sunday at 6:30.

1:30 LRN Newscast Sept 02

State Police in Jefferson Parish are seeking a hit & run driver that killed two people early this morning on the Westbank Expressway in Marrero. Trooper Kate Stegall says the victims were on a motorscooter, when a Ford F-150 extended cab pickup came up behind, and just plowed them over…:

CUT 10  (07)        “…failed to stop.”

Stegall says both the operator of the scooter and the passenger were tossed into the roadway and died at the scene. They have not yet been identified. The pickup driver drove off dragging part of the scooter with it.

Four women accused of abusing kids at a daycare center in the Concordia Parish town of Vidalia pleaded guilty to most charges Thursday. The four were booked on a total of 21 counts of cruelty to juveniles and took a guilty plea to 13. They had allegedly hit kids under their care with sticks at times. They could each get ten years or more in jail.


A Lafourche Parish jury needed only an hour and a half to return a unanimous guilty verdict against 55-year-old Morgan Ratley, of Cutoff, for raping a teenager while her mother was restrained. David Melancon, with the Lafourche DA, says it happened in July of 2019…:

CUT 03(08)      “…by our office.”

Convicted of 1st degree rape, Ratley’s sentencing is scheduled for October 19th. He faces a mandatory life sentence.

The mystery of who will be LSU’s starting quarterback remains unsolved. But Tiger Rag Magazine Assistant Editor Williams Weathers believes it will most likely be Jayden Daniels because he’s had 29 starts at the Division 1 level in the Pac-12…:

CUT 12(09)      “…make more sense.”

Kickoff is 6:30 Sunday night in the Superdome.